How To Stop Discord From Compressing Files (Easy Fix!)

How To Stop Discord From Compressing videos

Are you looking for a way to stop Discord from compressing your videos and photos every time you send them on the platform?

It is not new that Discord automatically compresses all the files that are being sent to their platform, they do this to save bandwidth and reduce lagging due to too much traffic.

However, this compression hurts the files that are being sent, and the photos and video end up turning out pixelated or even blurry.

Imagine, sending in a 360p video to a Discord server or a friend on Discord and it shows as a 240p video; horrible right?

Well, you have come to the right place because we have just recently discovered and tested a fix that will help your bypass Discord always compresses your high-quality photos and videos.

In this guide, you will learn how to stop Discord from compressing your files, all the working solutions fully explained plus links to other Discord troubleshooting guides.

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How To Stop Discord From Compressing Files

When it comes to uploading files to Discord, you will almost always encounter issues.

Due to bandwidth size, Discord will always compress your photos and videos to upload faster.

And once your files are compressed, the quality is reduced to the lowest possible pixel.

There are a few solutions to fix this problem and we will be listing them below.

Solution #1: Use Google Drive

The first solution is to use Google Drive to upload the files.

All you have to do is to upload those files Ex. videos and photos to your Google Drive account, make it “view with link only” and generate a shareable link of the uploaded file(s).

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Next, copy the generated link and share it with the person or server on Discord.

Solution #2: Send as an unlisted YouTube video

This solution is almost the same as the first one; uploading a file to a third-party host, and then sharing the link.

Additionally, this solution only works for videos and its one of the best ways to upload high-quality videos to Discord.

However, the only difference is that you have to create a YouTube channel if you don’t have one already, upload the file to your channel and make the video unlisted.

To make an unlisted video on YouTube, on the final step of uploading a video; after HD and SD processing select the visibility as “Unlisted” and then publish it.

Once that is done, copy the link and share it on Discord.

Note that an unlisted video on YouTube will not show on your channel dashboard, no one can watch it unless they have a link.


Video compression is common on Discord and every other social media app as it saves space.

Without compression, popular apps like Discord which get a lot of traffic would not be able to run smoothly.

In this guide, we have listed the two working ways that will help you stop video compression on Discord PC or the mobile app.

These solutions can be done manually, you do not need to be a tech professional to be able to fix this problem.

If this guide was able to fix your problem, you can check our huge list of Discord troubleshooting guides you might need.

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