MP4 Videos Not Embedding Properly On Discord [Solution]

Fix MP4 Videos Not Embedding Properly On Discord

Have you been trying to upload MP4 or MKV videos on Discord but they are not embedding properly?

Or your videos won’t pop up when you upload them on Discord.

Not all mp4 videos are compatible with Discord, for an mp4 video to properly embed on Discord it has to be in AVC codec.

If you try to embed other codecs like HEVC (High-Efficiency Video Coding) or H.265 encoding, be prepared to run into some errors when trying to play them.

Codec in video language terms means a compression software that can process your video file so that it can be stored and played back.

In most cases for an mp4 (the universal video format) that has an encoding of H.265 to be able to play properly on Discord, you will have to convert the video to an AVC (Advanced Video Coding) also known as H.264 or MPEG-4 codecs with special software.

For video files in the MKV (Matroska) format, you have to first convert to the acceptable MP4 codec before uploading to Discord.

In this guide, you will learn why some MP4 videos are not embedding properly or playing in pop-ups on Discord and the solution to it.

  • Why Some MP4 Video Files are Not Embedding on Discord
  • How to Find Out the Codec of a Video File
  • How to Fix Video Not Embedding On Discord

Why Some MP4 Video Files are Not Embedding on Discord

If you have a video file uploaded to Discord that doesn’t prompt the video player on your device to pop up to play then it means that this video file did not embed properly in the initial upload.

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The major cause of this error is that the video file you upload is in the wrong codec, usual videos with HEVC or H.265 encoding.

For a video file to embed and play properly on Discord, it has to be in the AVC (also known as H.264 or MPEG-4) codec.

So this means that you have to note the codec of your video file before uploading on any platform or in this case Discord.

How to Find Out the Codec of a Video File

For you to find out the codec of a video file, you are going to do this on a PC that has the VLC player installed on it.

The first step is to choose the video you want to check on your PC and play it with the VLC player.

Once the video starts playing, click on “Tools” on the top-left of the player.

Next, click on “Codec Information” and the codec type of that video will be displayed under “Stream 0”

Alternatively, you can just click on “Ctrl+J” while the VLC video window while the video is still playing and the codec information will open in a new pop-up window.

How to Fix Video Not Embedding On Discord

To fix the issue of some MP4 videos not embedding or playing in a pop-up on Discord, you will have to make sure that the video is in the compatible codec

The compatible video codec for Discord video is AVC (H.264 or MPEG-4).

If the video file is in the wrong codec, you can simply convert it to the correct one with this software.

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After conversion you can go ahead and save the video on your device and upload it, the software can be used on phones too.

Note: for MKV video files, you will have to convert to MP4 for it to play properly on Discord.


Almost every social platform has a video format that works perfectly on them.

Discord is one of them, they accept MP4 videos but not all.

This guide will teach you how to convert an MP4 video in HEVC or H.265 to AVC/H.264 and many more.

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