How To Fix Amazon Prime Video App Crashing On Xbox One, Series X, S

Fix Amazon Prime Video App Crashing On Xbox One, Series X, S

Are you trying to watch a good show or movie on Amazon Prime on your Xbox series X or later version but it keeps crashing?

Or maybe you have been successfully watching a show on Xbox with the Amazon Prime app but somehow it always crashes when it gets to a certain episode or scene.

Or in some cases whenever you exit the Amazon Prime app, your Xbox screen turns pitch black.

Either way, it can be very frustrating given that these kinds of errors usually don’t have a specific cause, and you have to try a lot of fixes to fix it.

And if you don’t know what and what to do you might end up ruining or mixing up some settings on your Xbox or the Amazon Prime app.

When issues like this happen, the problem is usually from Xbox’s end or the Amazon Prime’s end but on rare occasions, you might have done something that caused this crash.

However, if you use Xbox or the Amazon Prime app regularly then you would have probably experienced many errors like this and more, and if they are fixed early they usually turn to serious errors or system lagging.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix the Amazon Prime video app crashing on Xbox series X, one, and S.

How to Fix Amazon Prime Video App Crashing On Xbox

To fix the Amazon Prime video app crashing on Xbox series X, S, and one, you have to keep in mind that this is not an issue that reinstalling the Amazon Prime app will fix.

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This is usually a software or technical-related issue that can be fixed temporarily and if you want a permanent fix, waiting for the next update will probably be the most sensible option.

Here is how to fix Amazon Prime video app crashing on Xbox:

  • Fix 1: Soft power-cycle your Xbox,
  • Fix 2: Check for updates, or
  • Fix 3: Use the Amazon Prime app on another device.

Fix 1: Soft power-cycle your Xbox

Soft power cycling your Xbox usually helps in fixing most technical issues, so that is why it is usually recommended by troubleshooting experts.

To do this, navigate to your dashboard, and hold the power button for 10 seconds; only release it when you hear a sound. 

Wait for another 10 seconds and turn your Xbox back on; what this would do is to clear as much cache and junk data as possible.

These cache or junk data sometimes take up important storage thereby causing apps on the Xbox to crash or lag. 

Fix 2: Check for updates

Since this ‘Amazon Prime video app crashing issue’ is not account-specific; it is more like a general bug, we have to hope that updating the Amazon app to the latest available version will help fix the issue.

So check for updates and update the Amazon video app, if not, you have to wait for a release or move on to fix 3. 

Fix 3: Use the Amazon Prime app on another device

If you have soft power-cycled your Xbox console or were able to try fix 2 and you are still experiencing this ‘crash’ issue, then the problem may not be from your end.

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You have the option to install and test the Amazon prime video app on another device, if it continues to crash or lag then you may have to contact Amazon Prime tech support here, you should get a reply in 2 business days.

However, if you can use the Amazon Prime video without issues on another device then the problem is from Xbox’s end so contacting them too will be the best.


When your Amazon Prime video app crashes on Xbox series X, One, or the S, it is usually due to technical or software issues.

In this article, you have learned why this ‘crashing’ issue happens, and how to fix this.
In summary, the best way to fix this error is to try the soft power-cycle method explained in this article on your Xbox or use the Amazon Prime app on a different device (phone or laptop).

However, these fixes may be momentarily for some users, if you do not manage to fix the Amazon Prime app crashing on Xbox issue, all you need to do is to wait for the fix in the next app update or contact tech support.

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