How To Fix Duolingo Stuck On The “ProTip” Loading Screen

Fix for Duolingo Stuck On The “ProTip” Loading Screen

Is your screen stuck on the protip loading on Duolingo?

If yes, then it may be an error from the Duolingo servers or something is wrong with your internet connection.

The “Protip:” loading screen usually happens when you want to learn a new lesson on the Duolingo app and it usually goes away in seconds.

If it doesn’t then it is stuck and therefore becomes an error that needs to be fixed.

In this guide, you will learn how to troubleshoot your Duolingo app when the “Pro Tip” loading seems to be stuck.

How to Fix Stuck on the ProTip Loading Screen on Duolingo

To fix this problem, you first need to know what causes it in the first place, the root cause.

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A couple of things can cause the “ProTip” loading page on Duolingo to get stuck, the two common causes are an unstable internet connection and an outdated Duolingo app.

So to fix this problem, you will need to do the following:

Step 1: Go to the App store on your device and install the latest version of Duolingo.

Step 2: Next, make sure that your internet connection is as stable as possible by turning on and off the airplane mode.

Step 3: After you have turned off the airplane mode on your device, launch the updated Duolingo app.

Step 4: Log into your account if you haven’t already, go back to the lesson; the error should be fixed now and the “Pro Tip” loading screen should load normally.

How to Fix Duolingo Stuck On Loading Screen On Desktop

If your Duolingo is taking too long to start a new lesson or move on to the next phrase on PC.

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Then you may need to clear your browser cache and cookies data.

Note that these glitches happen from time to time, and most of the time it isn’t a cause for concern.

However, even if these glitches are not usually serious, you might discover that your progress is not saved.

So it is always good to fix it as quickly as possible.

To fix Duolingo stuck on loading new lessons on your desktop, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Log out of your Duolingo account; please make sure you have the login details written down somewhere safe before you do this.

Step 2: While still in your browser, click on “Ctrl + H” and the history page should show.

Step 3: On the history page, find “Clear browsing data” and click on it.

You will then be asked if you want to clear browsing history or just cookies and cache, pick the latter, and then “Done”

Step 4: After clearing your browser’s cache and cookies data, log into your Duolingo account again, this time every time should be fixed.


Duolingo is a fun way to learn any new language, so when problems like this arise it gets in the way of learning. 

This is how to fix the Duolingo app stuck on the “Protip:” loading page or screen. This guide is as simple as they get and takes less than 2 minutes to execute.

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