The Best Binance Referral Discount ID Code in 2022

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The Binance exchange usually offers referral discount codes frequently.

With these codes, you can get a $50 welcome bonus and a 20% discount on crypto trading fees for life. Super right??

All you have to do is to use input the referral code as you are creating a new Binance account.

You cannot be able to use referral ID codes if you have already created an account with Binance unless, of course, you decide to create a new one.

The best Binance referral ID code in 2022 to use to get up to a $50 welcome bonus is “68312362”.

This bonus will be applicable only if you trade on the platform and if you decide to pay with BNB you can get an additional 25 percent discount.

In this guide, you will learn the best referral ID code in 2022, how to use referral codes on Binance, and how the Binance $50 welcome bonus works.

Best Binance Discount Referral ID Code To Use This Year

The best Binance referral ID code to use for a $50 welcome bonus and an additional 20% discount is “68312362”.

This code can only be used at the initial creation of your Binance account, copy and paste it into the “Referral ID” box.

The “Referral ID” box can be found by expanding the “Referral ID (optional)” heading directly below the “Password” box.

Although adding a referral ID code while creating your binance account is optional, it is still better to use it as it will benefit you and the referee.

How to use referral ID codes on Binance

To use referral codes on Binance, you need to be on the account-creating process.

This means that you can only use the referral ids when you are creating a fresh account on Binance.

On the account-creating page, once you are done filling out other details you will then see a box to paste the code in, the code is “68312362”.

After that, you can now submit, verify your email address, and then start using your Binance account to deposit, withdraw, receive, and trade cryptocurrencies.

Here is how to use referral IDs on Binance:

1. Create an account on Binance

Once you have downloaded the binance app on your device, Android, or iPhone.

If you are using a computer you visit the Binance site using this link:

Now, proceed to create an account by opening it, tap on “Log In/Register” that is on the top left corner of your screen.

Once you have tapped on “Log In/Register” a new page will open that will look like this:

Simply tap on the bold “Login or Register” on your top left.

2. Input your details

After you must have tapped on the bold “Login or Register”, a new page will appear.

On that new page, you will then have to navigate to the create-account page by tapping on “Register”

After that, you can then begin to fill out your details.

These details will include an email address or phone number, password plus referral ID.

Copy “68312362” and paste it on the Referral ID box

To find the referral ID box you need to tap on the tiny inverted triangle near the “Referral ID (optional)” heading.

Once you have filled in all the details you can now proceed to agree to the Binance TOS.

The final step will be to submit your details, verify your email address.

And then you may now begin using Binance for all your crypto trades and also enjoy the discounts and bonuses that came with the referral ID code.

How the Binance $50 welcome bonus works

Apart from the 20% off trading fees that Binance offers when you create an account with them.

They also offer an additional $50 welcome bonus to new users if you sign up with this link.

However, this offer is usually for a limited period from the time of account creation and after you must have completed some tasks.

The tasks you have to complete to qualify for the $50 welcome bonus are:

  • When you deposit over $100 within 5 days of registering and get a $5 cash voucher reward.
  • When you Spot Trade of a little over $1,000 or $20,000, you will get a $20 and $25 Spot cash voucher reward respectively.

So, all these cash voucher rewards add up to $50 and that is how you can get $50 just by using Binance.


It is best to also use a referral ID when creating an account on Binance, it will help cut off some ridiculous fees.

However, Binance isn’t the only crypto exchange platform that offers discounts through referral IDs, Coinbase does too.

So when next you want to register an account with any of these platforms, find out their discount codes and get fabulous bonuses as you trade.