How To Go To Next Line In WhatsApp Desktop Version

How To Go To Next Line In WhatsApp Desktop Version

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to send all your messages at once instead of sending them one by one? I’m sure you.

It is quite annoying, right?

For WhatsApp users on desktops or PC, this can be a daily struggle for them because they have to continue writing a message in a new line without sending it; they cannot just click on the “Enter” key like WhatsApp for mobile users.

You find out that for you to include multiple messages in the typing box when using WhatsApp web, you may have to send them one after the other to the receiver.

WhatsApp for PC users has been asking for a solution to this issue for quite a while now.

Even I have to stop using WhatsApp on my desktop because I couldn’t figure out a way to go to the next line when trying to send a long message at once.

However, since every error always has a solution, I was able to test a few keys on my PC during one of the days I decided to use my laptop to access WhatsApp.

I was able to discover that clicking the “Shift” and ”Enter” key together will create a new line on WhatsApp web

Creating a New Line in WhatsApp for Desktop

To go to the next line when sending a message on WhatsApp web, move the cursor to the end of the message you want to add the next line too.

Click the “Shift” and ”Enter” keys together; just once and a new line or paragraph will be created under the previous message without sending the message.

Once you are done composing your messages you can tap on the “Enter” key or the send icon on your right to send it to the receiver.

What If You Don’t Have Shift Keys?

In a case where two of your Shift keys aren’t functioning properly and you want to go to the next line when trying to send bulk messages at once on WhatsApp for desktop.

You can install free software on your computer called “AutoHotKey”.

This software can map a key to another key, that is; transfer the function of a faulty key to another key. EX. Shift to Ctrl or Ctrl to Shift.

All you need to do is: 

1. Install the AutoHotKey software on your computer.

2. On your desktop homepage, right-click and then click on “New” followed by “AutoHotkey Script” 

3. Type in this script: RCtrl::LShift in the notepad and save it, make sure the extension ends with .ahk

4. You will find the newly saved script on your desktop, double-click on it, and run it.
That’s it. Now you can use your right “Ctrl” key as a “Shift” key.


If you use WhatsApp web often, you would notice that it won’t be as seamless as the mobile version of WhatsApp.

And it becomes harder when you are not familiar with how certain keys on your PC work, like what keys to click to create a new line of text or paragraph in the same chat box.

For WhatsApp web users, pressing the “Shift” key and ”Enter” key together will move the cursor to the next line without sending the message, that way whenever you want to send bulk messages, you can include everything at a go.

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Brianna Bailey

Brianna is based in Minnesota in the US at the moment, and has been writing since 2017. She is currently a 3rd Year med student at the time of writing this.