How To Fix “1 Other Server Is Unavailable” On Discord

How To Fix “1 Other Server Is Unavailable” On Discord

Are you are getting the error message, “1 other server is unavailable…” on Discord?

The full error message is “1 other server is unavailable due to a temporary outage.” 

This usually pops up when you are trying to leave or join a server on Discord.

Usually, what this error message should mean is that the Discord server you are trying to join is unavailable.

It doesn’t mean that the invite link you have is wrong or that the server is not accepting new members.

However, from our research, we discovered that this message is common with Discord servers that have a lot of members, over 80,000+.

When there is a lot of traffic at a given time on any Discord, the chances of errors like not being able to verify your role, not being able to join or leave, or not being to send or search messages happening will be high.

Most of these errors don’t have a fix yet, a few of them already has their written all over the internet.

Fortunately, this “1 other server is unavailable due to a temporary outage” error on Discord can be fixed, the solutions are listed below.

How To Fix the “1 Other Server Is Unavailable Due To A Temporary Outage” Error On Discord

Although there are many ways you can fix this error, we will list only 3.

These 3 solutions have worked for us and others, so they will fix this error for you.

Let’s get started.

Solution #1: Updating your Discord

Most of the time, the chief causes of errors like this on social apps are usually bugs.

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Bugs hinder the functionality of any site and are periodically fixed through updates.

This error message you are getting, the “1 other server is unavailable due to a temporary outage” error message might be happening because you haven’t updated your Discord app to the latest version.

And updating your app might just be the solution that would work for you.

Solution #2: Switching to a faster device and internet

If you have ever been in a large Discord server, with 100k+ members or more, you would know how ‘laggy’ servers like that usually are.

You will find it hard to see your messages.

Servers like that require a high processing device and very fast internet.

So if you happen to be getting this error message on Discord anything you want to leave or join a server, switching to a high-processing computer and improving your internet would help.

Editor’s note: High processing device in this context means any computer that has over 5 core processor.

Solution #3: Waiting it out 

This third solution would only come into play if you have tried the first two solutions in this guide and you are still getting the same error.

So the only thing you have to do is to wait it out, but first, you will need to contact Discord tech support.

Contacting tech support might help as the problem might be from their end, maybe something is wrong with their bandwidth and they might fix it in their next app update.


The “1 other server is unavailable due to a temporary outage” error message is very common on Discord.

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A lot of users have been asking for a fix for a while now and since Discord hasn’t come around to fixing it, we decided to come up with a few solutions that helped us with this problem.

If the solutions were helpful to you, we recommend you check out other Discord troubleshooting guides on this website.

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