How Do I Turn Off The Green Light Next To My Username On Reddit? (Quick Guide)

how to turn off the green light that is next to your username on Reddit

Are you wondering how to turn off the green light that is next to your username on Reddit?

The green light or dot when on is an indication that you are online.

Given that this feature is relatively new on Reddit, it is loved by some users on Reddit who are not worried about their account being presumed as online.

For instance, on Discord there is a feature like this, on WhatsApp; the last seen feature, even on Instagram (Activity Status) that allows you to change your account’s online visibility status anytime you want.

However, some Reddit users do not like the feature at all, and this is not a bad thing as most people do not like it when others can see that they are online.

In this guide, you will learn how to turn off the green light next to your username on Reddit.

How To Turn Off The Green Light Next To Your Username On Reddit

It is normal to want to protect your online status on social media, we do that too so it’s not a crazy idea.

Most times turning off anything on your profile that indicates that you are online on any of your social media accounts saves you from unnecessary conversations.

Additionally, no one would be able to monitor your online usage, you can log in and log out of any social media app without detection.

However, if your goal of turning off your online status is to avoid other users; it will not work if you upload a story or post anything on your timeline.

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This is because posts on almost all social media platforms, even Reddit are usually shown to viewers in real-time, so unless you block them they will still see your posts and probably assume that you are online but hiding.

Before we start, note that turning off the green dot light next to your username on Reddit will not put your account at any risk, it is safe to do this.

Let’s get started.

Step #1:  Go to your Reddit profile

Log into your Reddit account and navigate to your profile page.

You can do this on the Reddit mobile app or the desktop version, any of them will work fine.

To find your Reddit profile on the mobile app, open the Reddit app, and tap on your profile icon in the top-right corner of your screen.

Step #2: Click on “Online Status”

On your Reddit profile, find the green dot or “Online Status” and click or tap on it.

Clicking on it will change it automatically and the green light next to your username will be turned off.

Doing this will hide your online presence on Reddit and no one on the app will know when you are online unless you coincidentally post anything around the same time they are online too.

To turn on the green light on Reddit, follow the same steps above.


There are a couple of reasons why users would want to turn off any indication that they are online on any social app.

Social apps like Reddit, WhatsApp, and Instagram have this feature on their platforms and they are usually represented with a lot of things; icons, colors, etc.

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For Reddit, the indication that you are online is represented with a green dot or light next to your username, the steps to turn it off have been listed in this guide.

Once you have turned the light off, you will still be able to use Reddit as you normally would, just that no one will know when you are online or offline.

Additionally, you can enable the “Anonymous Browsing” setting on Reddit, that way all your interactions on the app will be anonymous or ‘private’.

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