How To Remove Spread Some Cheer Pop-Up On Discord

How To Remove Spread Some Cheer Pop-Up On Discord

Are you seeing this popup: “Spread some cheer? Gift Nitro in special holiday gift boxes.” On Discord?

If yes, then we understand how annoying it looks, good thing they are constant during the holidays.

The truth is that as the pop-up is just a Nitro ad and not a bug, you cannot exactly ‘fix’ it.

Fortunately, there are two different methods to go about removing it completely from your Discord account.

In this guide, you will learn the two methods you can apply to remove the “Spread some cheer!…” Nitro pop-up on Discord.

How to Remove Spread Some Cheer Pop-Up On Discord

Remove Spread Some Cheer Pop-Up On Discord

The methods below are designed to hopefully remove the annoying Nitro pop-up message, but they can only work if you follow them correctly.

As long as you follow them correctly, we guarantee that you will stop seeing the “Spread some cheer…” popup.

Let’s get started with the methods below:

Method #1: Subscribe to Nitro

It is clear that the purpose of these Nitro pop-up ads on Discord is to get you to pay for Nitro.

So if you keep seeing a pop-up that says: “Spread some cheer? Gift Nitro in special holiday gift boxes”, your best bet to stop seeing it is to subscribe to Nitro.

Discord Nitro services are not that bad, at least you will get to enjoy perks you wouldn’t with a regular Discord account.

Some of those perks include: animated banners, being able to send large files at once, you can boost a server, you can join over 100 Discord servers at once, and more.

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However, if subscribing to Nitro is not on your budget at this time, you can proceed to method 2.

Method #2: Avoid hovering or clicking on the gift box

You should notice that this spread some cheer pop-up usually appears when you are hovering your mouse around the text box area.

Then you will have to avoid hovering, that is the cheapest way to remove the pop-up without subscribing to a Nitro plan on Discord.

Unfortunately, this “avoid hovering” method might not be for users who are not accessing their Discord account using a computer or any device that works with a mouse or has a pointer.

For Discord mobile app users, you can avoid getting this pop-up by doing everything in your power not to tap on that little gift box next to “GIF” on your text messaging box.


These Nitro pop-ups can be a nuisance as they are always popping up and can frustrate a user.

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While there is no technical way to remove this spread some cheer pop-up, our guide will still show you how we stopped seeing them on our blog’s Discord account.

With the methods, you won’t have to re-configure any settings on your Discord account, all you will need to do is to perform some actions and avoid some too.

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