Do Large Files Disappear From Discord When Nitro Expires?

What happens to large files when the Discord Nitro plan expires

Are you wondering what happens to the large files you have sent to Discord after your Nitro plan expires?

Well, you and a lot of other Nitro subscribers are wondering the same thing, and you will find out everything in this post.

When you subscribe to the Nitro plan on Discord, you will get to enjoy wonderful perks like animated avatars, the ability to upload files larger than 8 Mb, boost a server, and more.

So let’s assume your Nitro plan expires and you are not planning on renewing it for a while; what happens to those big files you have already uploaded?

We for one know that once your Nitro plan expires that your already uploaded animated avatars stops moving even if there are Gifs, and even your access to stickers and custom emotes becomes limited.

Here is everything we know about what happens to large files when the Discord Nitro plan expires.

Do Large Files Disappear When Nitro Expires On Discord?

The short answer is no, large files that you have uploaded on Discord when you had an active Nitro subscription will not disappear when your plan expires.

Also, those ‘large’ files will still be playable and watchable by you and others even as your Nitro plan has expired.

There are two types of Nitro plans on Discord, Nitro Basic and Nitro; with the two plans, you can upload up to 50 Mb and 100 Mb files respectively.

Being able to upload large photos and videos to Discord will not guarantee that those files will escape compression.

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In fact, all the files that are uploaded by users to their platforms are all compressed, Nitro user or not.


In as much as the perks you get with subscribing to a Nitro plan are paused once your plan expires, large files get the exception.

And if you actually think about it, it is pointless removing those files or making them unplayable or unwatchable given that a lot of users have already watched it; we mean what would the excuse be?

Will the Discord’s excuse be: “Hey, you cannot watch this video as the original up-loader has not renewed their Nitro plan!” ridiculous right?

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