Google Voice Won’t Disconnect From Phone? (Easy Fix Steps!)

Fix phone not disconnecting from Google voice

If your Google Voice is not disconnecting from your phone after uninstalling it or stopping using it, there are several reasons why this is happening.

This guide will help you understand why it happens and the easy steps you can use to fix it.

Your Google Voice is not disconnecting from your phone even after you have uninstalled it due to an improper disconnection process.

If you have decided you no longer want to use the Google Voice services any longer there are steps you should take to disconnect your phone number from the service completely; if you do not follow these steps to disconnect properly you will be at risk of getting issues like the topic of this guide.

You can even run into issues like your calls and voicemails getting forwarded to the old number you thought disconnected from Google Voice.

So the only solution is to switch back to the old number and disconnect properly, turn off all call forwarding settings on your smartphone, and more.

Let’s get into all the solutions below:

How to Fix Phone Number Not Disconnecting From Google Voice

You can fix the phone numbers not disconnecting from Google Voice manually like every other GV bug and problem.

You can also contact Google Voice support if you feel you do not have the energy and time for that, but most of the solutions that you will learn from this guide are usually what GV tech support will offer you.

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Below are simple solutions to fix this problem on your own.

Solution #1: Reinstall Google Voice and Reconnect Your Phone

This solution is usually the first step to troubleshooting this Google Voice not disconnecting phone problem.

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Since the major cause is usually not disconnecting your phone properly from the service, it is only normal that you have to reinstall the app, connect your phone again, and then disconnect properly.

So to do this, first, you need to install the Google Voice app from your smartphone’s App Store, and re-register with the phone number that has refused to disconnect.

After re-registering your phone, go to settings in the Google Voice dashboard and select “DELETE” under “Phone Number”.

Now for the most important step, turning off all conditional forwarding settings on your phone, this should be done after you must have deleted your phone number from Google Voice.

These conditional forwarding settings can be found in the setting on the call app of any smartphone.

Solution #2: Contact Google Voice Support

This second is for users who do not want to go through the hassle of manually deleting their phone number from Google Voice.

Or even after using solution #1 there are still having trouble disconnecting their phone or number from Google Voice.

With that being said you can contact Google Voice help through this link.


Google Voice is a service that provides smart voice calling for any smartphone, it can be used by an individual or a business.

However, sometimes the calling service might no longer serve you and all you have to do is disconnect your phone and number from it, but it is not that simple.

There are steps you need to take to disconnect your phone correctly from Google Voice and we have listed all of them in this guide.

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If you need additional assistance after trying all the solutions in this guide, you can always contact Google Voice help.

Also, if you think this guide answers all your questions about why Google Voice won’t disconnect from your phone, you can check out other solutions we have written on this website regarding Google Voice. 

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