How To Stop Getting “Nitro Activated…” Pop Ups On Discord? Possible Methods!

How To Stop Getting “Nitro Activated…” Pop Up Ads On Discord

Are you wondering how to stop getting the “Nitro Activated…” pop-up or other Nitro ads messages on Discord? 

The full pop-up message is “Nitro Activated, You now have superpowered perks and Server Boosts. Enjoy friend! that is immediately followed by a Blurple (blue and purple) Sweet! CTA button.

This popup message is a Nitro subscription ad on Discord and it should happen once or twice when you just purchased a Nitro plan or are already on one, however, when the message constantly pops up on your screen it becomes a problem.

The only way you may be able to remove this popup this message temporally is to click on “Sweet!” but the message will appear again and hence the topic of this guide: how to stop getting the “Nitro Activated…” pop-up on Discord, especially on the mobile app.

To permanently fix this problem, you have to troubleshoot a couple of methods that we will be listed below.

Editor’s note: You should know that there are other Nitro popup ads on Discord apart from the “Nitro Activated…” pop-up, so keep in mind that the methods that you will learn in this guide can fix those too.

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How to Stop Getting “Nitro Activated…” Pop Up On Discord

There are a lot of methods that you can use to fix this Nitro popup problem on Discord.

However we have chosen a few that has had a higher percentage of work, and they include:

Method #1: Clearing Discord app cache

The first step is to close your Discord and then clear the app’s cache, this will free up some space and fix a few app abnormalities.

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To do this, open your Discord app settings on your smartphone, go to storage and then tap on “Clear cache data”.

Since these Nitro ad pop-ups are common on the Discord mobile app so it’s only rational that clearing the cache is the first step to trying to fix it.

Method #2: Upgrading or Downgrading your Discord app

This is another working method that can help remove Nitro ads pop-ups on Discord, upgrading or downgrading your Discord app.

If you are already using a recently updated Discord app, you will have to downgrade to a lower version; you can find those here.

Method #3: Refreshing your Discord anytime you see the pop-up

Another method would be to just refresh your Discord anytime you get a Nitro ad pop-up.

To do this close the Discord app anytime the pop-up appears and open it again.

And if you happen to see this pop up on the desktop, click on the “ctrl+R” keys together at once and your Discord will be refreshed.

This method has fixed this problem for many users but, some users have reported that even after refreshing their Discord that they were still getting the pop-ups.

Here are what some of those users said on Reddit:

“Discord has already become infested with Nitro ads, but this is crazy. Showing Nitro ads after you already got Nitro…” @Vulpes_macrotis

“Discord is so excited, they just can’t stop letting you know about your Nitro subscription.” @Parazure

Method #4: Waiting it out

Another method to fix this problem is to wait it out.

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Usually, the ads will eventually go away after a few weeks to a few months, but they will stop.

So anytime you see the ads just click on the CTA button and continue exploring the app.


Discord comes with a lot of perks and downsides, but they are still very safe to use.

Subscribing to Nitro plans allows you to enjoy more Discord perks.

However, most users who have just subscribed to the plans have been complaining about consistent pop-ups, even more, consistent than the perks they are supposed to be enjoying.

This problem is common on Discord mobile, and it can be frustrating.

This guide will show some of the methods that you can copy to fix this problem as fast as possible.

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