How To Remove “Done Reading? Check Out Other Channels” On Discord

How To Remove “Done reading? Check Out Other Channels” pop up On Discord

Are you getting this pop-up message: “Done reading? Check out other channels” on Discord?

Do you find it annoying and want to remove it or stop seeing it?

The pop-up message is a feature by Discord to remind you to check out channels on a server, however, it is not exactly serving its purpose.

This is because even accidentally tapping on it can take you to a new channel and most of the time, when you navigate back to the previous channel your progress would be lost or erased and you may have to start over.

So removing it completely or stopping it from popping up so that you don’t accidentally tap on it, is usually your best bet.

In this guide, you will learn how to remove the “Done reading? Check out other channels” pop-up message on Discord.

How to remove the “Done reading? Check out other channels” Pop-Up Message on Discord

To remove this “Done reading? Check out other channels.” pop-up message on Discord, you will need to tweak some features on your Discord account.

How to remove done reading? Check out other channels on Discord

This pop-up message is not an error per se, it is more like YouTube ads, or annoying pop-up ads on a sketchy website. So it is more like a general bug kind of thing.

You would also realize that it keeps popping up even after you might have joined the “advertised” channel.

However, not everyone likes ads, so this is how I was able to remove the “Done reading? Check out other channels” pop-up message on Discord.

1. Log out and log in to your Discord account.

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2. Refresh your Discord app.

3. Change devices.

4. Update Discord.

1. Log out and log in to your Discord account

If you are still getting the pop-up message even after joining or checking out the “promoted” channel, try logging out of your Discord account and after a few seconds, log back in.

This would reset a few glitches and you would notice that most of the time, you would stop seeing the pop-up message after you do this.

Note: Before you do this, make sure that your login details have been saved somewhere safe.

2. Refresh your Discord app

This is another way to remove the “Done reading” feature on Discord especially if you are using a PC to access your account.

While logged into your Discord account on your PC, click on the CTRL+R key at once, and the message would disappear.

For mobile users, you refresh your Discord app by force-stopping (AKA closing) it and then opening it again after a few seconds.

3. Change devices

Most Discord users have claimed that when they changed their device to a different one, they stopped seeing the “Done reading? Check out other channels” pop-up message.

So if you were accessing your Discord account with your mobile when you saw this pop-up message, switching to a PC and vice versa can remove it.

4. Update Discord

Assuming you have tried the three methods above and you are still the “Done reading” message on your Discord, then you will have to update your Discord app.

As I have mentioned, this is not really an error, it’s just a ‘buggy’ feature that a lot of Discord users do not like.

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So we will have to assume that Discord developers have had enough of the complaints about the feature and have removed it in their newest app version.

That means that updating your Discord app to the latest version should be able to fix this.


The “Done reading? Check out other channels” pop-up message on Discord is a feature that most of the users of the website have grown to not like due to its buggy nature.

Even after you check out the “other channels”. You would still be getting the message and that can be annoying.

On some occasions, you may accidentally tap on the message which takes you to a new channel, and your previous progress is sometimes not saved when you go back.

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