How To Fix False Notifications On Discord

How To Fix False Notifications On Discord

Are you seeing notifications alerts or badges on Discord but no new messages?

The way this looks is that you will see a red number on the Discord logo on your device, making it look like you have new messages or a friend request on Discord.

This red number on your Discord logo is known as a notification badge and can be 1 or any number but 1 is very common in this case.

When something like this happens on Discord they are called false notifications.

False notifications usually happen due to glitches within the Discord website, not from any settings you may have enabled.

They are usually easy to fix, at least without the help of Discord support.

In this guide, you will learn why false notifications happen on Discord, and how to fix false notifications issues on Discord.

Why Am I Seeing Notification Badges On Discord But No Messages?

Over the years, no one has ever been able to figure out the exact reason why false notifications happen on Discord.

However, if you are suddenly seeing a notification badge or a red number next to your Discord logo, but you cannot see any new message from any server or friends or even new friend requests you can assume that you have a glitch in your Discord app.

Sometimes this glitch may be happening due to a network issue on your part or maybe your Discord app needs an update.

How to Fix False Notifications on Discord

To fix false notifications on Discord, you can try updating to a newer version of Discord.

You can also try updating the app, or using it on a device different device.

If you have the above two troubleshooting methods and they didn’t work then you may have to wait it out, for at least 24 hours, and the error might fix itself.

Additional troubleshooting methods include clearing Discord’s cache data, improving your internet connection, and more.

Here are all the methods you can use to fix seeing a notification badge on Discord but no new messages or requests:

Method 1: Improve your internet connection

If your internet connection is slow, it may also slow down how fast Discord may respond to some changes you may have made to the website, for example deleting new messages.

To get started with this method, check the speed of your internet with this tool, anything lower than 80 Mbps is considered slow in this case.

This means that reconnecting your device to faster Wi-Fi or mobile data and then launching the Discord app again may fix this.

Method 2: Clear cache data on Discord

Cache data from apps are useless, it is always advised by app enthusiasts to clear app cache data from time to time.

This is to avoid the built-up cache data from causing abnormalities or glitches when using the app.

In this case of trying to fix perpetual false notifications on Discord, clearing cache data may fix it.

To learn how to clear Discord’s cache data on all devices, check the first fix in this guide.

Method 3: Install an updated version of Discord

To do this go to the app store of your device, and search for Discord in the search bar.

Check if there are any updates for the app, install it on your device, re-launch it, and check if the error persists.

Method 4: Download an older version of Discord

To do this you will need to uninstall the Discord app that you have already, and also this works only for Android users.

To get started, go to this link, select “Older versions” and choose the third oldest version of Discord from the list.

Next, download and install the older version of Discord on your Android, launch it, and log back into your account and the false notifications issue will be fixed.

Method 5: Turn off notifications

Another way to fix this perpetual fake notification on Discord is to turn off all notifications.

Although this may not be practical, it is the only option you may have especially if you have already tried all the methods in this guide.

Of course, you can always choose to ignore the fake unread message badge on your Discord app, or wait it out as a new update from Discord may automatically fix it.


If you are seeing a red dot or number on your Discord logo that indicates that you have new notifications on the app when in fact you don’t, then you are dealing with a glitch.

This glitch can easily be fixed, you just have to be ready to try out a few troubleshooting methods, we have listed over 4 of them in this guide.

If you eventually fixed it using any of the method(s), do take note of the particular one that worked for you so that you can share it with others who might be experiencing similar issues on Discord.

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