How To Fix YouTube Processing HD Version

YouTube video stuck at processing HD Version

Is your uploaded YouTube video stuck at processing HD Version?

Or have you been waiting for hours for you YouTube to finish processing?

Are you unable to see chapters on your uploaded YouTube video even though you added timestamps?

If so, your video won’t be completely uploaded, a lot of features are going to be missing from your YouTube video.

Processing is a common problem on YouTube and a lot of people are frustrated by it.

Just imagine spending hours to edit your video just for it to be stuck at HD processing version, sad right?

One of the first solutions that come to mind is to cancel the video and start over.

This isn’t the best idea as it is likely to happen again on the second upload.

However, if you have already added your descriptions, tags, and all you can go ahead and publish your video.

However, know that your timestamps will not show because your video is not fully processed.

In this post, you’ll learn how to fix the YouTube processing HD version with few simple steps.

  • What is processing HD version On YouTube?
  • How long does it take for YouTube to process HD version?
  • How Long Does 4K Processing Take on YouTube?
  • How to Fix Processing HD Version Stuck on YouTube
  • Why is YouTube taking so long to process HD?
  • Can I Exit YouTube While A Video Is Processing?

What is processing HD version On YouTube?

Processing HD version on YouTube means that your video is in its highest quality (720p and higher).

It also means that YouTube is trying to make sure the highest quality is shown to the audience including lower qualities.

How long does it take for YouTube to process HD version?

HD version processing on YouTube usually takes about 10 minutes or longer (up to 7 hours) to complete.

It all depends on your internet connection, video format, quality and length.

As far as research goes, longer and high quality videos takes quite a time for YouTube to fully process it’s HD version.

How Long Does 4K Processing Take on YouTube?

A 4K video is the type of video that has a high-definition (HD) resolution that is four times the resolution of a 1080p HD video.

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It takes between 2-4 hours for YouTube to completely process a 4K video.

However, all these depend on your internet connection, the frame rate of the video, and the length of the video.

So, the faster your internet connection is and the shorter the length of the video and frame rate, the faster your 4K video processes.

How to Fix Processing HD Version Stuck on YouTube

To fix YouTube video stuck at HD processing, you can either try to wait for a period of few minutes to 7 hours.

Always remember that you can still publish your video without HD version fully processed.

Most of the time HD processing continues to show even after days of publishing.

Sometimes, clearing your browser cookies can help in fixing the HD processing issue.

Even sending feedback to YouTube while on the upload page sometimes fixes the HD processing issue.

I once did it on an hour-long video and it worked after 10 minutes.

Finally, reverting your video to the original in the “Editor” after making a small change can jumpstart the processing speed.

Here are 4 basic ways to fix YouTube video stuck at HD processing version:

1. Waiting it out

This method sometimes works because your video taking long to process HD version can be due to its initial video size or format.

So, waiting for 20 minutes to 7 hours can do the trick.

Depending on your video size it can take longer than 7 hours, they are people who had to wait for over 2 days.

Just go ahead and publish your video, the HD processing issue is usually fixed on its own most of the time.

Either way, it is best to just be patient and wait it out.

Make sure to leave the tab open even after publishing, and eventually, the video might start processing after some time (it could be anywhere between 10 minutes to 7 hours or longer).

2. Clearing your browser cookies and cached files

The second way to fix the HD processing issue on YouTube is to clear your browser’s cookies and cache.

Depending on what browser you’re using to upload your video on YouTube.

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I will be using screenshots from the Chrome android browser to demonstrate in this guide.

Make sure that before you clear the cache and cookies make sure you have published the video already to avoid losing any information.

Start by tapping on the three dots on the top right corner of Chrome on your android phone.

After you’ve clicked on the three dots, an off canvas menu will open.

On the off canvas menu, you’ll see several options including “New tab”, “New incognito tab”, and more.

Next, tap on “History” just above the Downloads option.

Then, a second tab like menu will open.
This time, tap on “Clear browsing data…” to go to the setting to clear your browsing data.

Immediately after you’ve tapped on “Clear browsing data…”, you’ll land on the “Clear browsing data” page.

On the “Clear browsing data” page, you’ll see the “Time range” in dropdown menu, tap on it and select “Last 24 hours”.

Clearing cookies and cache files on chrome mobile on an a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 android phone

Next, check the “Cookies and site data” and “Cached image and files” checkboxes and then tap on “Clear data”.

This will sign you out of most sites including YouTube.

That means you may need to sign in back to YouTube later after this process.

This method will help free up any cached data preventing your Youtube video from uploading fully.

3. Send feedback to YouTube

The third way to fix YouTube video stuck at processing HD version is to send a feedback to YouTube while still on the upload page.

Tap on the “exclamation in a chat box” icon at the top right corner of the uploading page, type in something like:

“My video have been stuck at HD processing for hours now. Please fix!”

Next, tap on “Include screenshot” and then send.

Wait for at least 10 minutes, publish your video, close the tab.

If you login again and it should already be fixed.

4. Revert the video to it’s original state

The fourth and final method is trying to revert the video to it’s original state.

Note tha this method can only work if you have already published the video.

This method can be done by the following ways:

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Go to the “Editor” categorized under channel analytics and make a small change, even as insignificant as adding a period to your description.

To find the “Editor” tab on YouTube, on your studio interface tap on channel analytics.

On that page, you will see “Latest Video”, click on the analytic icon to see video analytics of the particular video you want to edit.

On the right-hand side of the video analytics page, you will option like: “Comments”, “Edit”, and more.

Just tap on “Editor” and make any small change, revert changes and save.

Next, tap on “Save” and then once it’s processed, tap again on “Revert To Original Changes” and this usually takes care of the issue.

Why is YouTube taking so long to process HD?

It takes long to process HD version videos on YouTube because of many factors which can include: internet connectivity, bandwidth or YouTube server is busy.

Either way, it is best to apply these tips incase your YouTube is ever stuck on HD version processing.

Can I Exit YouTube While A Video Is Processing?

No, you should not exit YouTube while your video is still processing.

Unless you have background data turned on your device, then you can exit without closing your browser or YouTube app and continue doing other things in the background.


Sometimes YouTube processing can be tedious and almost an obstacle to you uploading your video especially when you have a schedule.

Although, these processing issue especially the one of HD version are inevitable even when you have done everything right.

You can opt to using the tips mentioned in this guide to fix your YouTube processing HD version issues.

However, do remember to back up your tags, video description, and title somewhere by copying and pasting them on a notepad or mobile note app.

This will save you the torture of having to rewrite anything if you decide re-upload the video on YouTube which rarely happens anyway.

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