How To Fix Discord Automatically Joining Random Servers

How To Fix Discord Auto Joining Random Servers

Are you having the issue of automatically getting added to random Discord servers?

Discord Servers that are spam-like and you had no idea when you joined them?

These are usually done by human-programmed bots in a bid to increase server members and engagements.

You might even discover that after leaving those servers, on returning you might get added back again.

And yes, bots and scripts are allowed on Discord, for totally different purposes that don’t include auto-adding random users to a server, the act is completely wrong and very much against Discord TOS.

There are many practices you can apply as a Discord user in other to stop getting randomly added to a server you don’t want to be in; that is what you will learn in this guide.

How to Fix Discord Automatically Joining Random Servers

If you suddenly start seeing yourself in Discord servers that you do not remember joining, follow the steps below to fix it:

1. Check authorized apps and connections

Usually, when you want to connect or display activity on your Discord profile like Spotify, Xbox, or other third-party apps, you grant them permission to some of your account information.

However, this information can get mixed up in the wrong hands; to end issues like auto-joining Discord servers go to the authorized apps and remove any connections you are not sure of.

To remove authorized apps on Discord, log into your account, and click on the tiny profile icon on the left corner of your screen.

Click on “Authorized Apps” and a list of all the applications and connections you have with your Discord account should appear; next, start clicking on the “X” next to any shady bot connection with authorization to join servers to remove.

2. Change the password

The second step to stopping getting auto-added to random Discord servers that you can’t seem to leave is to change your account’s password.

This is because your Discord account may have been compromised to that extent, someone somewhere may be logging into your account and adding your username to these servers.

Additionally, that may not be the case, but to be on the safer side, change your Discord password to a new one; make sure that it is something you can remember.

3. Change your Discord username

The third step in this guide will be to change your Discord username, and yes this step is optional but we recommend it.

This is because you might not be able to tell all the places and people you may have exposed your Discord username to, all the shady websites you may have typed your username into.

Most of these websites collect usernames, key them in bots, and start spamming these users with links or automatically adding them to some of these servers.

To change your username on Discord, go to your profile and click on “Account” and then on “Username”.

Next, type in a unique name you can always remember, and the save changes and you’re done!

4. Block the bots and spammers

The next step after changing your username on Discord is to block all the bots and spammers that have ever spent you a server link.

To do this, navigate to the private messages section on your Discord account and start manually blocking each account one after the other.

Make sure that you block slowly, at least 6 accounts every 2 minutes to avoid triggering the official Discord ban bot in any way.

5. Install an antivirus software

If you are using Discord for a desktop, make sure that you have good antivirus software installed on your computer.

A good antivirus software we recommend is McAfee or Avast premium.

Whichever is within your budget, they both work really well, far better than Windows defender.

Moving on, installing an antivirus software on your computer will protect you from online threats, getting spamed with links, and keep your sensitive information, and passwords from getting hacked into.


That is all there is on how to fix randomly joining Discord servers even when you didn’t click the Join button.

You have learnt how easy it is to fix this problem, all the things you can do, and the recommended antivirus softwares your can use to increase privacy protection on your computer.

Also, keep in mind that after using this guide to get rid of any connections with auto-spam Discord server links, be careful of what you connect to your account and who you share your user information with.

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Brianna Bailey

Brianna is based in Minnesota in the US at the moment, and has been writing since 2017. She is currently a 3rd Year med student at the time of writing this.