Getting Nitro Error On Discord? Here’s The Fix

Fix nitro error on discord

Using the Nitro is a great way to enjoy premium features like up to 100Mb uploads, custom emoji and profile banners, high-definition video streaming, server boosts, and even animated profile pictures.

So if Nitro is not working on Discord, continue reading below to fix the problem.

Have you ever been in a state where you just purchased a Nitro plan and somehow it’s taking a lot of time for it to appear on your profile?

Or you can see the Nitro you have purchased on your profile, but the premium features are yet to show up or become activated.

For a lot of people on Discord, this can be very frustrating.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix Nitro errors on Discord, and every other thing we know about Nitro.

Why Is Nitro Not Working On Discord?

The answer is that this usually happens for no significant reason.

Although there could be a lot more reasons why it is happening, it has nothing to do with you just purchasing the Nitro plan.

And many individuals are still trying to figure out why even when they try to refresh their Discord, the problem persists.

That is why we have concluded that the Nitro error on Discord is caused by a system error or a glitch in their code.

How to Fix the Nitro Error on Discord

To fix Nitro not working or rather the Nitro error, there are a few simple steps you can take to resolve the problem:

1. If you have been gifted the Nitro and you can’t use it, you have to make sure that it hasn’t been claimed.

2. If you cannot find a gifted Nitro in your Gift Inventory after it has been rejected by the receiver, check your email; changes on your Discord account are unusually sent there.

3. Make sure that you have enough money in your payment method; this applies to those getting the “Sorry, This Payment Source Cannot Be Used for Redemption” error message.

4. In the case of not seeing the Nitro you just purchased on your profile or the premium features, do the following:

  • Log out of your Discord account,
  • Update your Discord app and log in again,
  • Close the app again, clear the cache and open your Discord app again and Nitro should be working fine now.


That is all there is on how to fix Nitro errors on Discord.

It has been stated in this guide that this error is caused by a system glitch, which just randomly happens from time to time on apps like this.

However, if the methods in this guide were not able to fix this error for you, you can always contact tech support here.

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