How To Fix Images Being Sent As Stickers On Telegram

Fix Images Being Sent As Stickers On Telegram

Do you want to stop images you send to someone on Telegram from being sent in sticker format?

When this happens, it can be frustrating especially if you wanted to send the image as an actual image.

One of the ways to fix this issue is to make sure that the file extension you are sending is in the correct format (we will discuss this in detail in the second heading).

Images, animated images, and stickers all have different file extensions; so doing your best to note them and change them to the appropriate one can solve this issue for you.

Another way to fix this is to take note of your method of sending the image especially if you are not using Telegram mobile, are you trying to paste the image or send it using the clip icon?

In this guide, you will learn ways to stop images from being sent in a sticker format on Telegram.

How to Stop Images Being Sent As Stickers on Telegram

To stop images, pictures, or photos you send on Telegram from turning into stickers when you send them, follow the methods below:

1. Check the file extension of the image/photo/picture(s)

One of the causes of photos you send on Telegram, turning into stickers is using the wrong file extension.

As we have mentioned, every media file has its dedicated file extension, stickers have .webp and photos come in .jpeg or .png formats, and so on.

So before you send in your image, make sure that the file extension is right and not in .webp.

It is very easy to change the file extension of an image or photo; on a computer:
Go to File Explorer, click on “View”, and check “File name extensions”.

Next, click on “Options” in the “View tab” and check the “Hide extensions for known file types” box.

Now, right-click on the photo or pictures you plan on sending on Telegram and click on “Rename”.

If the image file extension is in .webp, simply replace the “.webp” with “.jpg” or “.png” without the quotes and click on “Yes”.

2. Don’t copy and paste the image

Another major reason that automatically turns an image into stickers on Telegram, is the method by which you are sending it.

As provided, if you want to send in a file (video, pictures, sound, etc) on Telegram, you need to click on the paper clip icon.

Telegram paper clip icon

Once you click on the paper clip icon, you can now choose the right file you want to send as a member.

However, when you decide to paste an image, for whatever reason, it automatically turns the image into a sticker.

So to avoid this, follow the normal process that has been provided on the Telegram app (desktop or mobile) to send in any image, pictures, or photos.


Images turning into stickers on Telegram can inconvenience users especially if they did not plan to.

Checking and changing the file extension of the “image” can fix this issue for you.

Also, you cannot disable a .webp image from being sent as a sticker on Telegram, you have to change the file extension to “.png” or “.jpg” first.

Additionally, not copying and pasting the image in your Telegram chat window can prevent it from being sent in sticker format; follow the “Paper clip” method in this guide.

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