What Happens If A Discord Nitro Gift Expires? Answered

Answer to "What Happens If A Discord Nitro Gift Expires?"

Since you can gift Nitro on Discord, we are sure you may be wondering what happens if you don’t use a Nitro gift on time and it expires.

The Nitro gifting feature enables you to share Discord premium features with your friends.

It is free to send, the only cost is the amount you would spend buying the Nitro plan.

Editor’s note: you can only gift Nitro classic for now, although there are rumors that with future updates users might be able to gift the basic plan.

Gifting a Nitro on Discord this very easy to do, all you have to do is to buy, get a shareable link, and forward it to your friend.

A Nitro gift is not user-specific, as long as the link works anyone that gets hold of it can use it, so it is always advised to share this Nitro gift in the private message of your friend to avoid another person claiming it.

And about refunds, you can always appeal for a refund 5 days after purchase if the person you are gifting Nitro to haven’t claimed it yet.

Even with talks of animated avatars being removed from Nitro basic, here is everything we know about what happens a Nitro gift on Discord expires.

What Happens If A Discord Nitro Gift Expires?

Before we get started, we will assume that you are asking about a claimed Nitro gift on Discord, as an unclaimed Nitro gift cannot expire.

So to answer the question, when a claimed Discord Nitro gift expires some of the features you have acquired by claiming it will stay but you will not be able to change them, for example, custom banners, number of servers, animated pfps, and custom server pfps.

Some features like customized Discord server stickers will disappear after some days, and if you have joined more than 100 servers, you will not be able to join more unless you leave some of your previous ones.

Others like animated profile pictures will become frozen, usually to the first frame of the gif.

After the expiration date, all the customized settings and features will be replaced with the last known settings.

What Happens When Your Friend On Discord Already Has Nitro Or Rejects It?

Since a Nitro gift on Discord does not expire as long as it hasn’t been claimed; nothing will happen to your gift if your friend already has Nitro or rejects it.

The only thing that will happen is that the gift will go back into your “Nitro Gifting” tab where you can make another link for it so you can share with another friend or you can claim it for yourself. 

If your Nitro gift has been rejected and you want a refund, you will have 5 days from the purchase date to ask for it.


Gifting Nitro to a friend on Discord can be a lovely gesture; it allows the receiver to enjoy all the premium perks in the app.

The best thing about a Nitro gift on Discord is that it cannot expire as long as it has not been claimed; even if your friend already has Nitro, the gift will simply go back to your gift inventory in your profile tab.

However, if a Nitro gift gets claimed it can expire and you will not be able to enjoy most of the premium features (read this guide for more explanation).

Additionally, a Nitro gift will only be valid for the amount period you purchased it (a month or a year), you will not be charged more than you have paid at the time of sending the Nitro gift.

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