How To Get The Ice Cube Frame Picture On Discord

How To Get The Ice Cube Frame Picture On Discord

Do you want to get the ice cube frame decoration on Discord?

If yes, then you have to be subscribed to a Nitro plan!

Subscribing to a Nitro plan on Discord comes with a lot of fun benefits.

These benefits include the ability to upload longer media, animated avatars, the ability to change your profile theme, and access to any Discord server’s emoji, among others.

The summary is that if you do not have Nitro, you can not get an ice cube framed picture on Discord.

However, if you do have Nitro on Discord then follow the steps in this guide to enable it.

How to Get the Ice Cube Frame Picture on Discord

Enable Ice cube frame pfp decoration on discord

To frame your pfp in an ice cube on Discord, you will have to subscribe to a Nitro plan.

The Nitro plan which comes in two types: Nitro basic and Nitro classic, they are priced at $4.99 and $9.99 per month respectively.

The more expensive plan offers you more benefits of course but they both give you access to the profile decorations feature.

Moving on, here is how to enable the ice cube framed picture on Discord:

1. Log into your Discord account using a desktop

Enabling the ice cube frame on Discord can only work on the desktop version.

No one knows when Discord will roll out the feature for mobile app users.

2. Go to user settings

After you have logged into your Discord account using a computer, go to your user settings.

To do this, click on the gear icon on the left side of your screen, this will reveal your profile settings too.

3. Enable the ice cube frame

While still on the user settings window, click on “Profiles” and then on “Change decoration” 

After that you should see a couple of available picture decorations, just scroll to find the ice cube, select it, and save changes.

That is it, you have successfully enabled the ice cube frame picture on Discord!


Having Nitro on Discord exposes you to fun perks that a regular Discord user cannot have access to.

One of those perks includes encapsulating your profile picture in an ice cube; it can add a cool vibe to your profile, and a lot of Discord users are already using it.

If you don’t know what an ice cube frame picture on Discord looks like, scroll to this guide we have a picture of it above.

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