How To Remove Duplicate Contacts From A WhatsApp Group

fix duplicate contact on the WhatsApp group chat

If you have two numbers on a WhatsApp group chat that you are in. you might want to remove one and keep the other unless you don’t.

WhatsApp is a very popular messenger app, it’s totally free and it is required that one individual equals one WhatsApp account.

However, if for any reason you find two numbers belonging to the same person in a WhatsApp GC, then you might need to remove one as a group admin or individual.

If you have your phone number appearing twice in a WhatsApp group chat, and you don’t want it, reading this guide further will help you fix that issue as quickly as possible.

You will be able to fix this duplicate contact on the WhatsApp group chat issue without fear of losing important information.

How to Remove Duplicate Contacts from a WhatsApp Group

To remove or rather fix a duplicate contact issue, you might need to follow some simple steps to solve it.

For you to fix this you are going to need to have access to the admin of that group or be one.

Here’s how.

Method 1 (members):

1. Open the WhatsApp on your device and navigate to the group chat

2. Go to the group info where you will see the group description and number of participants, etc, locate the group admin, and text him/her for the group invite link

3. Once you have been given the link, copy it and paste it into a safe place

4. Next, leave the group and follow the steps here to fix duplicate contact first

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5. Now paste the copied invite link on any browser and load it, you will see an option to rejoin the group without the number appearing twice again.

Method 2(Admin):

1. Simply find the duplicate number and message him or her about the issue

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2. Once the issue has been fixed on the member’s end you may then proceed to add the member back to the WhatsApp


Keep in mind that for you to fix a duplicate contact issue on WhatsApp group chat, you will need to leave the group and rejoin again.

Duplicate contact on WhatsApp means that your number appears twice in a WhatsApp group, this guide will show you how to fix that in a few minutes.

If this guide helped you, please spread the news, you might be helping someone out too.  

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