How To Fix Duplicate Contacts On WhatsApp Messenger

Fix Duplicate Contacts On WhatsApp Messenger

Did you recently discover that some or a certain WhatsApp contact on your phone appear twice or more?

If yes, it means that you have a duplicate contact and you might be looking for a way to fix it.

The reason why this happens isn’t due to an issue with your WhatsApp app, it’s usually due to your contact app on your phone or your backup settings.

However, we have a quick fix on this issue in this post/guide. This fix will help you keep and delete the duplicate contact and keep the original.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix/delete duplicate WhatsApp contact without losing the contact completely, why you keep getting duplicate contacts on WhatsApp, and how to stop getting duplicate contacts on WhatsApp.

How to Delete Duplicate Contacts On WhatsApp Messenger?

To delete a duplicate contact or contacts that are appearing on your WhatsApp messenger app, you need to follow some simple steps under this heading to fix this issue.

Let’s get started.

1. First, decide what storage (eSim, phone iCloud, or Email) you want your contacts to be saved to

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2. Go to the ‘Contact’ app on your mobile device and find the duplicate contact

3. Copy the phone number and paste it into your ‘Notes app’ so that you can remember it later

4. Next, delete both contacts (original & duplicate) from your phone

5.  After that add that contact back by ‘resaving’ it on your phone

6. Restart your WhatsApp messenger app, navigate to ‘Contacts’ and refresh and you are done.

Why do I keep getting duplicate contacts on WhatsApp?

The reason why you keep getting duplicate contact error on WhatsApp can be due to a couple of reasons; mainly because one phone number have been saved at two different storage with the same name (or not).

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So the best way to stop getting duplicate contacts on WhatsApp is to choose a particular storage location to save or move all your contacts to, be it eSim/phone or email or iCloud (recommended).


WhatsApp is the most popular free messenger in the world and that means that almost everyone uses it and that means that any issues can hinder the smooth use of this app.

Duplicate contacts on WhatsApp majorly occur due to having the same number saved in different locations on one phone and it can be frustrating and confusing for the user.

However, the only way to fix this is to delete one contact and keep one, but how do you do that? Read through this guide to find out.

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