How To Fix Server Icons Not Loading Properly On Discord

Fix Discord server icons not loading or showing

Are the Discord server icons not loading or showing?

Many users have complained that since the latest update that some or all of their Discord server icons are not loading properly.

The server icons or pfps are usually found on the left side of the screen, and it would be hard to identify a server without clicking on it.

Each server has its unique icon or pfp, this is one of the ways they can easily be identified by new and existing members; however, when these icons are not loading properly, it defeats the purpose.

A lot of factors ranging from not using an outdated Discord app, and using a VPN to a slow internet connection can cause server icons on Discord not to show or load properly.

In this guide, you will learn how you can fix server icons or pfps not loading or showing on Discord.

What Are Server Icons On Discord?

Server icons on Discord are like any social media profile picture, they are also known as server pfps.

It serves as a way of easy identification of the server to the general public.

They are the round or circle-shaped photos found on the right side of your screen immediately after you log into your Discord account.

They can be in any color or design depending on the theme of the server.

Why Are Server Icons on My Discord Not Showing?

If the server icons on your Discord account are not showing, it means that there have not loaded properly.

The reason for this error could be because of a couple of reasons, the most common three are:

  • Using an outdated Discord app,
  • Using VPN, or
  • A slow internet connection.

However, one of the reasons may be the cause of server icons not showing on Discord, sometimes all three; you just have to identify which of the reasons applies to you so that you can fix it immediately.

How to Fix Server Icons Not Loading Properly On Discord

The first step to fixing server icons not loading or showing on Discord is to update your Discord app to the attest available version on the app store.

The second steps would be to improve your internet speed and turn off VPN if you are using one.

Here is how you can fix server icons not showing or loading on Discord:

1. Improve your internet

A slow internet connection can interfere with the way websites work, not just Discord.

If your internet is slow, you can check how fast yours is here; switch to a better one or maybe try a hotspot.

You can also check the plugs on your modem or router to make sure that there are connected properly.

2. Update Discord

To check if there are available updates for Discord, go to the App Store on your device.

Select “Updates” or just look up “Discord” in the search bar; if updates are available you should be able to see an “Update Button”.

After updating your Discord app, you can try logging into your account again to see if the problem persists. 

3. Turn off VPN

It is not always advisable to use a VPN on encrypted sites like Discord; as it can be detected as you trying to fake your location or trying to access some location-specific features.

Even when your reason for using a VPN is just to protect yourself, Discord has no way of knowing this.

So if you are using VPN to access your Discord and the server icons or pfps are not showing, turning it off might do the trick.


Server icons on Discord are a great way of knowing which server is which on your Discord account.

An average Discord user can belong to over 30 servers at a time and without these server icons or pfps, it may be hard to navigate through servers.

So if Discord server icons are not showing or loading properly, you may have to update your Discord app, switch to a better internet, or turn off VPN if you are using one; follow the steps in this guide to learn how.

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