How To Fix Invalid Asset Error On Discord

Fix invalid asset error on discord

If you are getting the invalid asset error on Discord, here are some of the proven fixes for it.

This error happens a lot of times especially when users try to upload sticker files to Discord.

The reason for this error could be because of the size of the file or that you may be uploading the wrong file type.

While this may seem like the easiest error to fix on Discord, it is not, as continually getting this error when you are trying to upload the “wrong” sticker file may trigger the Discord ban bot and you might get your account compromised.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix the invalid asset error when you are trying to upload a sticker(s) file to Discord.

Why Does Discord Say Invalid Asset?

The major reason why one would get the invalid asset error on Discord is that you are trying to upload an incompatible file type to the platform.

Like many other apps, they all have the accepted file type and size that can work properly on their platforms.

When it comes to uploading stickers to Discord, the right file size and format rules have to be followed.

So if you are trying to upload an incompatible sticker file to Discord, the Invalid asset error occurs.

As a rule of thumb, any sticker file you are uploading to Discord should be in an APNG (Animated PNG) or PNG format and must be 512 KB maximum file size, Discord does not support GIFs for stickers.

So anything higher than 512 KB will be rejected by Discord and hence the invalid asset error.

Another reason could be that there is an issue with your internet connection or that your mobile data has been exhausted.

How to Fix the Invalid Asset Error on Discord

There are three proven ways to fix the invalid asset on Discord, better internet connection, uploading the correct file, or reporting to tech support.

The first two works hand in hand, while you are improving your internet connection make sure you are also uploading the accepted file type and size.

The third option only comes into play if the first two have been done correctly and you are still getting the error.

Here are all the proven ways you can fix the invalid asset error on Discord:

1. Improve your internet connection

The first step is to improve your internet connection and make sure that your router or modem is working fine.

Also, check to see if your mobile data has not depleted or exhausted; that way when you want to upload your sticker file, everything would go smoothly.

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2. Convert and compress the sticker file

The second step is to make sure that the file(s) you are trying to upload is compatible with Discord.

Make sure that the file is in APNG or PNG format and that the size of the file is not more than 512KB.

In some cases, if your file is already in PNG or APNG and Discord is rejecting it, you may have to convert it again to PNG, use this online tool for that.

You can also compress your sticker file with this free tool and as a note of warning make sure that when you are uploading the sticker file that it is named and described accurately.

3. Contact tech support

As we have mentioned, this step will only be needed when you have tried the first two steps and they did not work for you.

While getting a response from Discord support takes a little bit of time, it is your final solution to fixing the invalid asset error on Discord.


The invalid asset error is quite common on the Discord app, it happens when you try to upload the wrong sticker file size and format on the platform.

Stickers on Discord can be animated or non-animated, either way, they make messaging on the app fun and engaging.

The only accepted sticker file format on Discord is APNG or PNG, the file size too has to be a maximum of 512KB.

If you have the wrong file, you can always convert or compress it using free online tools that have been mentioned in this guide.

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