How To Fix Discord Saying I’m Playing A Game, Even After Closing It


Q: Why is Discord saying I’m playing a game when I’m not?

When you close a game that you have connected to your Discord account and it still says that you are still playing that game on your Discord, it becomes an error.

This error can be because of a glitch or bug on Discord’s end, in rare cases, it has nothing to do with; the user.

Sometimes Discord is slow at detecting that you are done playing a game or that you have skipped to the next song (if you’ve connected Spotify to your account).

These kinds of errors are common and most Discord users have experienced them once or twice, I’m sure.

Depending on the device you are accessing your Discord account with, refreshing it or clearing the cache usually does the trick.

In this guide, I will show you how you can fix Discord stuck at displaying a game that you are no longer playing, and more Discord resources.

How to Fix Discord Saying I’m playing A Game, Even After Closing It

If you have connected your PlayStation or Xbox to your Discord to show other users what game you are currently playing when they view your profile, you are not alone.

As a rule of thumb, Discord displays your connections in real-time.

So if you have connected your Xbox or PlayStation to your Discord and have also enabled it to show your gaming activities on your profile.

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So once you stop playing and close the game, the gaming activities displayed on your profile are supposed to follow suit.

However, when it doesn’t or it seems like it’s stuck on the game you just closed, it becomes an error, but hardly from your end; it’s all Discord’s.

1. Refresh your Discord

2. Update and clear cache

3. Turn off game activity and turn it back on

4. Contact Discord support

1. Refresh your Discord

Depending on your device, there are different ways to refresh the Discord app.

On mobile, you have to force close the app by clearing it from the task manager and then open the app again.

If you are accessing Discord on your computer, while still on your profile click the Ctrl + R keys at once, this would refresh your profile and the error should be fixed.

2. Update and clear cache

If the error doesn’t fix from refreshing your Discord, then it is time to check if you are using an outdated browser or Discord app.

Simply updating your browser and Discord app should fix this error as the purpose of app updates is to solve bugs, and glitches, and make the usage of apps more seamless.

Once you have updated your Discord app to the latest available version (phone) and also your browser (desktop), you can proceed to your clearing cache data. See this post on how to clear Discord cache on your phone and PC.

3. Turn off game activity and turn it back on

While still logged in to your Discord account, navigate to settings and click on “Connections”.

Select the game you have connected to your Discord account and turn off “Display on profile”, refresh your Discord and go back to connections and turn the “Display on profile” back on.

4. Contact Discord support

If you have tried all of the above and your Discord profile is still stuck on a game you are no longer playing, then the final step would be to contact Discord tech support.

You can email them by email or by sending feedback on their official website.


Still getting the notification on Discord that a game you just closed is still ongoing is a common bug.

It may be due to stacked-up cache data that needs to be cleared or that you are using an outdated browser or Discord app, depending on the device.

This error can be fixed by clearing cache data, updating your Discord to the latest version, or in some rare cases contacting Discord tech support for help.

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