How To Fix Error 1000 On Discord (Simple Guide)

How To Fix Error 1000 On Discord

Are you getting error 1000 on Discord?

The full error message is: “Maximum number of channel permission overwrites reached (1000)”

This usually occurs when you have reached the limit of channels on your Discord server.

The limit of the number of channels you can create on a server on Discord is between 500 and 1000 depending on the server’s age, boosts, and more.

Although a lot of factors can determine the number of channels you can create on a server, those two are the most important for now.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix the error 1000 message on Discord.

How to Fix Error 1000 on Discord

To fix error 1000 on Discord, you need to reduce the number of channels on your Discord server.

Sometimes reducing the number of roles or users added under “Advanced permissions” in your Discord server can help fix this error.

Other troubleshooting guides after doing the above two include clearing cache data, improving your internet speed, and updating the Discord app.

Here are all the methods you can use to fix error 1000 on Discord:

Method 1. Delete a few channels from your Discord server

The first thing to try is to delete a few channels from your Discord server if you have a lot of them.

Just go through your server, check for dormant channels, delete at least 5+ of them, close your Discord app, and open it again.

The error should be gone now, you can go ahead and create new channels.

Method 2. Reduce the number of roles/users in your server settings

If the first method did not help you fix this channel on your Discord server, you need to reduce the number of roles or users with permissions on your server.

To do this, go to the “Advanced permissions” in your Discord’s server settings, delete a few of the roles/users, and save changes.

Close your Discord app, re-launch the app again and the error should be fixed now.

Method 3. Improve your internet speed

Sometimes slow internet might prevent Discord from understanding perfectly the changes you are trying to make on your server.

So, check the speed of your internet here (must be higher than 100Mbps), and switch to a faster internet connection if need be.

Method 4. Update your Discord app and clear cache data

Updating your Discord app occasionally can save you from experiencing a few bugs that occur on some apps from time to time and so does clearing cache data from the app.

To update your Discord app, go to the designated app store and install the newest available version of the app.

To clear cache data on Discord, check out the first fix in this guide on how to do it on every kind of device.


The error 1000 on Discord is not common, only a few users have experienced this, it is even less popular than the error 4000.

However, whether popular or not, there is always a fix for errors like this; we will always try to help with simple guides to make your experience on the Discord app less frustrating.

So check out the methods in this guide, try them all to be sure that your issue is fixed, and share the method that worked for you with the world using the social buttons below. ☺

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