Fix: Channels Disappearing On Discord Servers

Fix Channels Disappearing On Discord Servers

If channels on your Discord server are repeatedly disappearing or Discord not showing all channels in the server, continue reading below to fix the error.

Although Discord servers are a great way to bring a lot of people together who can text, stream, and share different ideas, sometimes it can present various errors without warning, such as channels in the server disappearing.

However, If you have muted a channel on a Discord server, you will not be able to see it until you have clicked on the category ‘houses’ the channel.

If the above is not the case for you, then follow the methods in this guide to learn how to fix channels in Discord servers disappearing for no reason.

How to Fix Discord Channels Disappearing

If the channels on your Discord servers are suddenly disappearing without you muting them, there are a few simple methods you can follow to resolve this error:

1. Close Discord and check if your internet connection is fast using this site, open Discord and check if the error is gone.

2. Now, go to the App Store of your device and check for updates, go back to the Discord server and make sure that the “Hide Muted Channels” under the “More Options” option of the server is off.

3. Close Discord again, check if you have VPN turned on, and turn it off; open Discord again and check if the problem persists.

4. If you are the owner of the Discord server, right-click on the channel settings, click on “Permissions” and then on “Sync with category” or ask the Admin to do this for you.

5. If you are accessing your Discord account with a phone, switch to a PC.

While you are on Discord for PC and if you are the server’s admin, you can move the channels to a new category, sync them with the category (as in method 4) and save changes.

If are not able to fix this error using the above methods, continue with the methods below.

1. Clear cache data

A common reason why some or all of your channels on a Discord server are missing or have disappeared is buildup cache data.

Cache data can be called junk files that are not useful in any way to an app.

Refer to the first method in this post on how to clear Discord cache data on PC and mobile devices.

2. Re-create the missing channel

If after clearing your Discord app’s cache data, the missing channel problem persists, you may have to recreate the missing channel.

However, be prepared to lose messages that have been sent to the channel, but this shouldn’t matter since the channel is already missing.


That is all you need to know regarding how to fix channel disappearing on Discord servers.

Which of the methods worked for you?

You can let us know if this guide has helped you fix this issue by sending us a mail here.

Also, you can share this guide to help others too.

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