How To Withdraw Your Balance On Depop? Quick Guide

How To Withdraw Your Balance On Depop

Are you finding it hard to withdraw your Depop balance or you don’t know how to?

Don’t worry you are not alone.

If you are a creator or seller on Depop that means you are making money on the website and would want to withdraw your earnings once they have reached the threshold which is 10 working days after the sale date.

Earnings made from sales on Depop are usually sent automatically to the bank account you have linked to your account during your sign-up process.

In some cases, if there is a delay in receiving your balance in your bank account, it may be that the buyer has not received the item they ordered, an issue with your bank details, and so on.

In this guide, you will learn how to find your balance on Depop, how to withdraw your Depop balance to your bank account, and what to do if there is a delay in receiving payments from Depop.

How To Find Your Balance On Depop

Your Depop balance is usually on the “Payments section” in “Selling Hub” if you are using the app.

To find it, install the Depop app on your smartphone, navigate to “Selling Hub” and select “Payments”, there you should see your available Depop balance and your next payout information.

Please you can only see your next payout details on Depop if you have connected your bank account with the correct details.

How To Withdraw Your Balance On Depop

You may be wondering how Depop balance withdrawal works, well it’s automatic.

You do not have to do anything to withdraw your balance on Depop.

Once your earnings as a seller have been cleared, and everything has been shipped to the buyer with no refunds then you will automatically get paid by Depop 10 days after that sale has been approved.

So to make sure that your balance will be available in your linked bank account, here are the summarized checklist:

#1: Link your bank account with your correct details

#2: Make sure that are no refunds as this can delay payouts

#3: Expect your Depop balance to be withdrawn to your bank account 10 working days from the item sale date.

How To Fix Delayed Balance Payment On Depop

Delayed payments on the Depop seller website are not uncommon and they can happen due to a couple of reasons.

Some of these reasons in no particular order include:

#1: You forgot to add your bank account details for payouts.

#2: Your payout details are incorrect.

#3: Your balance is pending due to a dispute with the buyer; they may want a refund.

#4: The 10th day happens to be a weekend; remember Depop payouts and most payouts only happen on working or business days.

Of course, they could be more reasons for delayed payouts on Depop, but the above reasons top them all.

So what should you do when your payout is delayed on Depop?

If it is a case of the 10th day falls on a weekend, you have to wait it out; your balance would be sent to your bank account on the nearest business day.

In the case of a pending balance on Depop due to a dispute from the buyer, you will have to wait that out too after you have fulfilled all obligations from your end as the seller.

If you have forgotten to add your bank account details to your Depop account or mistakenly added them wrong, you will need to crosscheck that and correct any mistakes.

However, if after you have tried all the steps to avoid delayed payouts on Depop you are still experiencing the problem, you will need to contact tech support.


Depop can also be used to make money if you don’t already know that.

All the money you have earned after a successful sale is sent automatically to your bank account.

These payments usually happen 10 days from the date of the ‘successful’ sale.

If you are seeing “Payouts pending” on the Depop app, it could be for s lot of reasons, we have listed and broadly explained them in this guide.

Keep in mind, there is no threshold for balance withdrawal on Depop and if the 10th day of your supposed payout happens to be on a weekend, you will be paid on the nearest working day.

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