How To Fix Pinterest Not Showing Pictures

How To Fix Pinterest Pictures not loading

Are you not seeing pictures on Pinterest?

Pinterest is an image-focused search engine, it has been in existence since the 20s.

The pictures and videos on Pinterest are called pins.

Those pins can be saved to a board on your profile if you ever want to look at them later.

You can also download those pins to your device for free, and you can use them on any other platform with the permission of the original owner.

So if you are not seeing the pins on Pinterest, it means that they are not loading due to technical issues.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix Pinterest pictures (pins) not showing.

How to Fix Pinterest Not Showing Pictures

To fix pictures not loading or showing on Pinterest, you need to update your app.

Doing this will fix some of the technical issues causing Pinterest pins not to load as they should.

Also, improving your internet connection speed will fix this problem.

1. Improve the speed of your internet

The first step to fixing this issue is to check your internet speed, it cannot be skipped.

A slow internet connection is usually the cause of images not showing on Pinterest.

You can use this tool to check the speed; anything less than 100mbps might be too low for Pinterest.

So depending on the result of your internet test, you can switch to mobile data or a hotspot.

2. Update your Pinterest app

This second step is to update your Pinterest app to the latest available version.

Some bugs and glitches are always fixed with every new update an app releases and Pinterest does this every week.

This will fix all the technical issues that may be causing the images on the app not to load correctly or show.

To do this, close the Pinterest app if it is open, go to the App Store or Google Play Store on your smartphone, and search for the Pinterest app.

Tap on “Install” to Install it and open the app again; the no pictures issues should be fixed now.


And that is how you can fix the issue of pictures not showing or loading on Pinterest.

Issues like this and more occur on Pinterest and similar apps every day and no one knows the exact reason but this particular issue can be traced to a slow internet connection.

And with the other solutions in this guide, you can see that you can fix this issue manually, with no need for tech support.

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