How To Fix Pinterest Explore Tab Missing (Quick Fix!)

Fix Pinterest Explore Tab Missing

Is your explore tab missing on Pinterest?

The Pinterest explore tab also called the “Home tab” is represented by a house icon and it is usually located on the left side of your screen.

This tab is very important on Pinterest, without it you will not be able to access the homepage or see fresh ideas and pins.

If yours is suddenly missing it may be due to a glitch or some type of error within the Pinterest app, you should fix it as soon as possible to continue enjoying the app.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix the missing explore tab issue on Pinterest and why it happens.

Why Is the Explore Tab on Pinterest Missing?

If the explore tab on your Pinterest app suddenly disappears, it may be due to a couple of reasons.

These reasons are less likely to be from a setting(s) you may have unknowingly enabled on the app, there is no setting to hide the explore tab on Pinterest.

A simple glitch in the framework of the app, a slow internet connection, or even not updating your Pinterest app is usually the culprit.

How To Fix Pinterest Explore Tab Missing

To fix and restore a missing explore tab on Pinterest, the first solution is to update your Pinterest app.

The second solution is to make sure that your internet connection is fast, at least 100Mbps.

Doing these two things correctly should fix this missing explore tab issue immediately without needing to contact Pinterest support.

Here is how to fix the missing explore tab issue on Pinterest:

  • Update your Pinterest app
  • Improve your internet

Solution #1. Update your Pinterest app

The first step is to update your Pinterest app to the latest available version.

Pinterest rolls out updates every week, and with those updates bugs, glitches, and in-app errors are fixed.

To update the Pinterest app, go to the App store or Google Play store depending on your device.

Search for “Pinterest” in the search bar, select the app from the search results, and tap on “Update”; your app store will automatically start installing the newest version of the Pinterest app on your device.

After installing the latest of the Pinterest app, launch the app and the missing explore tab problem should be fixed now.

Solution #2. Improve your internet

If the first solution did not fix the missing explore tab issue for you then you may be having connection issues, in some cases, your internet may be slow.

To fix this, check your modem or Wi-Fi plugs to make sure everything is in place.

Next, check your internet speed using this tool, anything below 100Mbps would be too slow for Pinterest; you will need to switch to a mobile hotspot or mobile data.


Pinterest as an image-focused search wouldn’t be fun without pins.

Pins are always displayed on the explore tab; if the tab is missing then you have a problem.

This problem can be fixed manually using the solutions in this guide, no need to contact tech support.

We are hoping this guide fixed this issue for you, share with others using the social buttons below.

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