How to Submit And Verify Your Solana Wallet On Mercury Labs

Verify Your Solana Wallet On Mercury Labs

If you are into NFTs, especially Solana NFTs then Mercury Labs will not be news to you.

Before now, if you win a Whitelist spot for any NFT project on their Discord server you will be asked to submit your wallet address through a Google form or send it as a text in a special channel on the Discord server, well that is not the case now.

Nowadays, once you win a whitelist spot for an NFT project, you will be asked to verify it using a site called Mercury Blocksmithlabs AKA Mercury Labs.

This is a much safer and organized way to submit your wallet address so that you will be able to mint a project on the launch date without any hassle.

Although, at the moment of writing this guide, Mercury Labs only accepts Solana wallet address extensions ex. Phantom, Solflare, etc.

However, if you are into Ethereum NFT, you will have to follow the instructions in the NFT server on how to submit your eth wallet address.

In this guide, you will learn how to submit your Solana wallet address to Mercury Labs using just your phone in simple steps, and more.

How to Submit and Verify Your Sol Wallet on Mercury Labs Using Your Phone

First things first, before you will be able to verify or submit your Solana wallet to Mercury Blocksmith Labs you will need to have the whitelist role on the particular NFT projects’ server.

A whitelist role will allow you to mint an NFT on its launch day, guaranteed!

Without this Whitelist (WL) role, you will have the option of a public mint which is almost impossible unless you are using nodes and have serious programming skills.

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This is my way of saying that this guide is only for those who have obtained the Whitelist role from the Discord server of the NFT project they are interested in and also this method can work on PC too if you know what you are doing.

Let’s get started.

Step #1: Go to wallet submission instructions or channel

If you have the Whitelist role, go to the wallet submission instructions or channel.

This is always in every Solana NFT server, once the time for wallet submissions begins, there is always a link in a special channel or in the #announcments channel.

Mercury Labs links it usually looks like the one in the photo below:

Mercury Labs link

Step #2: Click on the link provided

Click on the link provided by the admin of the NFT server, Discord will ask if you trust the domain, you have to tap on “Trust domain”

Once the link loads, the next step will be to log in with your Discord account, this is the only way the Mercury Labs site will verify that you have the whitelist role.

Step #3: Link your Discord with Mercury Labs

Log in with Discord > Authorise

After you have logged into your Discord account you will need to authorise and permit Mercury Labs to perform some actions on your Discord account, don’t worry this is safe.

Once the authorisation stage is done, you will then be logged in to Mercury Labs, on the M.L site, tap on the Hamburger menu on the top right corner of your screen to open a list of menus.

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Then just tap on “Account” and then “Select Wallet”

Step #4: Choose a wallet extension

After you have tapped on “Select Wallet” pick the wallet extension; Phantom, Solflare, etc. that you want to use and make them default.

Then tap on the Hamburger menu again and tap on “Dashboard”

Step #5: Verify wallet and obtain whitelist

Finally, search for the project you have the whitelist role on in the search box and finally tap on the orange “Obtain Whitelist” button, you will then be taken to a new page where you will scroll up to find “Obtain the Whitelist Discord role” tap on “Verify” 

And that is it, the button will change to “Whitelist Obtained” and turn to green and blue depending on the page you are on.

Which means you have successfully verified and submitted your Whitelist role on Mercury Labs using your phone!

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How to Identify Wallet Submitted In Mercury Labs

To identify the wallet address that you have submitted to obtain a whitelist role in Mercury Blocksmith Labs, tap on the hamburger menu on the top right.

Next, tap on “Account” and under “Solana Wallets” or “Ethereum Wallets”, look for the wallet address marked “Default”.

The wallet address marked “Default” is the wallet address that you have submitted to Mercury Labs.

Alternatively, you can just ask the server admin to help you check which wallet address you have submitted for a whitelist role.


Verifying your Sol wallet address using Mercury Labs by Blocksmith is one of the safest ways to ensure that your wallet address doesn’t get “lost in the mail” and that you mint an NFT on the launch day.

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It is also a good way not to get hacked or drained by hackers.

It is not everyone that understands how Mercury Labs works, people that are new to NFTs, especially Solana NFT barely know how to submit and verify their wallet address after winning the Whitelist role from the NFT project.

However, this guide will help you do it yourself to avoid risking your funds when you give it to some stranger online to ‘help’ you.

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