PancakeSwap “TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED” Error [Fixed]


Are you are getting this error message: “The transaction cannot succeed due to error: TransferHelper: TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED” on the PancakeSwap exchange?

This error message usually occurs when you are trying to withdraw or swap a token on the exchange.

The reason for this error could because the token you are trying to swap or withdraw is a scam or a glitch.

Over 90 percent of tokens on the cryptocurrency market are scams, a way for the developers to take your money.

While this issue can be a mix-up on the token’s developer’s part, it is still important to always do thorough research before purchasing any token on PancakeSwap or other exchanges.

So if you are a token developer, you must fix this issue so that users will be able to withdraw or swap your tokens.

In this post, you will learn the following:

  • Why “TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED” Error occurs?
  • How to identify a scam token using free tools, and
  • How to fix “TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED” on PancakeSwap

Why “TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED” error occurs?

Like I mentioned before, the “TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED” error usually occurs when you are trying to withdraw an unusable token on PancakeSwap.

Unusable, in the sense that you can buy the token but you will not be able to sell or swap for another usable token.

This means that the token could be a scam or optimistically, a mix-up on the developer’s part.

For the developer, it is due to a string of commands in the source code. This command which looks something like this: “function () external payable {“ is programmed to prevent the buyer from ever making use of the token.

So as a token developer, you must find this command on your token’s source code and remove it, more on this below.

However, it is important to be wary of scam tokens as once you purchase them you will not be able to get your money back.

How to identify a scam token using free online tools

To prevent the “TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED” from occurring as a PancakeSwap user, it is best to learn how to identify a scam token.

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Knowing how to identify token scams will also help you to prevent losing a lot of money.

There are a few online free tools you can use to check if a token is a scam but the tool we are going to use in this guide is the Poocoin site.

Poocoin is a live streaming chart for the Binance Smart Chain network.

To simplify, it is a noob way of finding out how a crypto token is doing on the market and every other information about the token, you can find almost every information about any cryptocurrency on there.

Let’s get started.

Go to the site on any device and in the search box, type in the name of the token you want to buy and search.

Once it is loaded, scroll up to the charts part, and tap on “Token tx”, a big list in red and green fonts will be shown.

Keep in mind, Green fonts=buyers. Red fonts=sellers.

While still on that section, take note of how many greens and reds you can see.

So, greens and no red means that no one is selling the token and if no one has sold or is selling it’s probably a scam.

Then, a mix of green and red fonts means that a lot of buying and selling is happening which is a good sign.

Alternatively, you can check the token’s source code and version for a more thorough check.

To do this, search for the token you want to buy on this site.

Then, tap on “x Contract” (x is the token’s name) on the left-hand side of your screen and you will be automatically redirected to

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On the page, you will see details about the token including an HTML source code and the token’s version.

Check if the version of the token is 0.5.17. If yes, don’t buy the token.

Then in the HTML source code, look for this string of commands: “function () external payable { “using the search box.

If you find it twice in the source code, the token is probably a scam.

In summary, to identify a scam token, check if the color of the charts and details under Token tx is written fonts is all green and no red, then check if the version of the token is 0.5.17, and finally look for “function () external payable {“ in the source code.

How to fix “TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED” on PancakeSwap

To fix “TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED” on PancakeSwap will require a little effort from the user and more from the token developer.

As a user, you can attempt to fix this by replacing the last number on the “From (estimated)” field on PancakeSwap with “1” (eg. 1000000 FLOKI to 1000001 FLOKI).

Alternatively, you can switch to the “V1 (old)” of PancakeSwap instead of “V2”.

However, on the user’s part, there isn’t much to do if the above doesn’t work and that is why the issue needs to be fixed properly by the token’s developer.

So, if you are a developer, you can fix the error by turning off the “setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled” feature on the token’s contract.

However this method can only long if you have not renounced the token’s ownership on the Bsc Scan site.

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1. Connect to Web3 and write a contract

Go to on your desktop and search for the token that you developed, once you are on your token a couple of options will appear.

These options will include “Write Contract”, click on it to open the token’s contract.

Once opened, you will see a couple of features you can write, but you will not be able to write until you connect to Web3.

So, click on “Connect to Web3” and choose the wallet you want to connect to.

2. Turn off the “setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled” feature

While still on that tab and you must have connected Web3 to your wallet, scroll up to this feature: “setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled” and turn it off.

To do this, type in “false” under the “setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled” feature and then click on “Write” and the feature will be disabled.

After the feature has been disabled, people will now be able to sell as well buy your token.


As a token creator or developer, if no one can sell or buy your token, it means that the “setSwapAndLiquifyEnabled” feature is enabled on Web3.

And if that feature is enabled, users especially on PancakeSwap will keep getting the TRANSFER_FROM_FAILED error whenever they want to withdraw or swap the token.

So, as a token creator, you can fix this by disabling the feature, but if it doesn’t fix after a few days.

It might be that it is a glitch from PancakeSwap which may be fixed as soon as possible if you contact them here.

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