How To Unpin A Deleted Account On Snapchat

How To Unpin A Deleted Account On Snapchat

Are you trying to unpin a deleted Snapchat profile from your pinned chats?

Since Snapchat introduced pinned chats or conversations, they have become a great way to move important chats to the top of your chat window.

However, you may have noticed that if a pinned conversation is associated with a deleted or banned Snapchat account; you will not be able to unpin it as you normally would.

You will have to block and then unblock the said Snapchat account to be able to unpin the conversation permanently from your pinned conversations.

In this guide, you will see how you can unpin a deleted or disabled account on Snapchat without losing any chats.

How to Unpin Someone When Their Account Got Deleted on Snapchat

To unpin someone when their account got deleted or disabled on Snapchat, you will need to block and unblock them to remove them from the group of unpinned conversations or chats.

Once a friend’s account is deleted from Snapchat, you will not be able to text or get replies from them anymore.

If they have unfriended you, you may still be able to text and get replies.

So if you have a friend’s conversation previously pinned on Snapchat and suddenly you find out that the account has been deleted, disabled, or they have unfriended you, then it is only normal that you will want to unpin the conversation.

Step 1: Force-stop your Snapchat app by closing the app. 

If you are using a PC, click on the crtl+R keys at once to force-stop your Snapchat page.

Step 2: After force-stopping your Snapchat app, you will need to clear cache data.

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On Android, navigate to “Apps” in “Settings”, scroll to locate the Snapchat app and tap on it, tap on “Storage” and finally tap on “Clear cache”

Step 3: Next, Open your Snapchat again, go to the pinned deleted account, block the user and then unblock them again after a few seconds.

Step 4: Go to your Snapchat in-app settings by tapping on the Settings icon you see on the top right when you click on your face icon or Bitmoji as if you want to view your profile.

Scroll up to “Clear cache” and tap on it and close the app again.

Step 5: Finally, open the Snapchat app again and this time, the pinned chat will automatically unpin.

Note: If you plan on keeping the conversation even after unpinning, you can save the messages in the conversation before using this method.


When an account associated with a pinned conversation gets deleted or disabled on Snapchat, it might be hard to unpin it as you would a live account.

This can be a bug or glitch that Snapchat developers are yet to fix.

However, you can unpin a chat associated with a deleted Snapchat account by blocking and unblocking the account, you can read how to in this guide.

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