How To Check The Rarity Of An NFT On Magic Eden In 2022

How To Check The Rarity Of An NFT On Magic Eden

The process to check the rarity of an NFT on the Magic Eden marketplace is quite straightforward.

With Magic Eden being the most popular Solana NFT marketplace, you would be surprised at other things you can do on the platform, you just have to know where to look.

Besides minting and listing, you can check the rarity, make offers, see information about upcoming NFT projects, and much more on the Magic Eden marketplace.

No matter how easy NFT arts looks, no two NFTs are the same, the uniqueness of an NFT has known as a rarity.

This uniqueness can come in form of size, shape, color, or design, or generally how the NFT has been illustrated.

It is important to know that the reason why ‘minters’ or NFT collectors seek to know the rarity of an NFT is that the rarer the art, the higher its market value.

In this guide, you will learn how to check the rarity of an NFT using Magic Eden.

How to Check Rarity Magic Eden

It is very important to always check how rare an NFT you have just minted is, this way you can know its market value.

Please note that rarity also means rank, and NFTs are usually ranked in ascending order over the total number of the collection.

So, the smaller the rank number, the more rare the NFT is.

Follow the steps below to check the rarity of an NFT on Magic Eden.

  1. Go to Magic Eden,
  2. Navigate to the collection’s dashboard, or
  3. Select the NFT and check rarity.

1. Go to Magic Eden

The first step is to go to Magic Eden’s official site here using a phone or computer.

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No need to connect your wallet as you won’t be needing that for this process.

Next, tap or click on the search bar and look up the NFT collection that you want to check.

2. Navigate to the collection’s dashboard

Once you have looked up the NFT collection, look on the summary part, just under the collection’s name, and take note of the “Total Supply”.

The “Total Supply” of an NFT collection is the total number of items that an NFT collection has.

3. Select the NFT and check rarity

On the search bar in the collection’s dashboard, look up the item number assuming you want to check for a specific item in the collection.

If you don’t, you can just select any item from the collection by clicking or tapping on “Details”.

Select the nft and check rarity

The item will now be displayed in full screen with all its details like attributes, price history, and more displayed.

The rank or how rare that item/NFT will be shown on the right side of your screen, near the little Magic Eden logo; written like this: 2/10000.

*Where ‘2’ is the rank or how rare the NFT is, ‘10000’ is the number of items that the collection has.


Knowing how rare an NFT you just minted or are about to mint is very important as it can give you an idea of how much it should be worth.

Previously, all you needed to do to check the rarity of an NFT on Magic Eden was click on the ‘O’ and ‘R’, now those options have been replaced with a must better one (you can read all about it in this guide).

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The rarity or rank of an NFT on Magic Eden can be seen near the little M.E logo on the right when you click or tap on “Details”.

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