What Does ssb Mean On Snapchat?

Did you recently see acronym “ssb” on Snapchat?

Maybe you saw it on someone’s Snapchat’s story.

Users on Snapchat tend to use plenty of acronyms when texting or posting.

These acronyms being used are a way of shortening really long words or adding a bit of mystery to your post.

If you are new on Snapchat you might not understand what “ssb” means and most of other acronyms like: “gtg” which means got to go, or even “asl” which stands for age, gender and location, you might even see “wtw” which stands for what’s the word and so on.

All these acronyms are normal and so many new ones are developed every single day and it can be a pain trying to keep up with them.

In this post, you will learn the full meaning of ssb on Snapchat and your use it properly in any context.

What Does SSB Mean On Snapchat?

ssb = secret single behaviour

The abbreviation, “ssb” means secret single behaviour on Snapchat.

It is used to describe the habit that one is involved in when they are alone, when no one is watching.

It could also be defined as a behaviour that one has that is embarrassing, like their guilty pleasures.

For a example, the poster might be obsessed with binge watching a particular TV show. They will then take a picture of the show which is probably showing on their Television screen or laptop, which they will caption “ssb”.

Hence, the TV show is their ssb, their secret single behaviour.

How do you use ssb on Snapchat?

You can use “ssb” as a caption for your snap.

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Although “ssb” usually used for when you are a little embarrassed about a habit, you can also use it for fun and send as snaps to your Snapchat friends.

For example, if you want to post a snap of you shopping or travelling, you can caption it ssb with any of the available fonts and styles of texts on Snapchat.

This is a great way to add a little bit of mystery to your post or even entice a conversation with a curious viewer.

Note that the “ssb” is not only used on Snapchat, it can be used on any social network like Facebook, Instagram even Twitter!

Why do we use ssb?

So, why do people use “ssb” on their posts?

When people use ssb, they mean to draw attention to their post about their almost not guilty pleasures.

The usage of ssb is also a way to create a mystery around your post and thereby sometimes enticing conversations from curious visitors.

What is the full form of ssb?

The full form of ssb is secret single behaviour. It can also mean single secret behaviour or send snap back.

Meaning it can be used interchangeably in any context of a social media post especially on Snapchat.

Is ssb also short for send snap back?

Yes, ssb can also mean send snap back on Snapchat. It all depends on the context.

If you want to use it as a way of portraying your not so guilty of you can, if you want to use it on a snap you want to send to a friend; you can too!

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So, ssb can stand for secret single behaviour and send snap back depending on the message you are trying to pass across to your viewers.

Ssb sentence examples

If you are looking to see how to use “ssb” in a sentence in your social media post.

Here are few examples of how people have been using the acronym especially on Snapchat in a sentence.

  • Watching squid game for the 5th time #ssb
  • Take my card away 😩 #ssb
  • Ordered takeout #ssb
  • Me and black clothes #ssb


Even though a lot of people believe that “ssb” mean send snap back, they are not wrong too.

The abbreviation “ssb” can stand for anything on Snapchat including secret single behaviour and also send snap back.

So, this means that it can be used interchangeably in any social media post context.

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