Can A Discord Server Have No Admin? Answer

Can A Discord Server Have No Admin?

Are you wondering if a Discord server can function without an Admin?

A Discord server can house many roles, the Admin and server owner is assumed to be the highest role.

A member with the admin role has permission to do almost anything on a server; this role is not limited to only one member; also a Discord server can have more than one Admin.

But what happens when a Discord server has no admin; is that even possible?

Find out all you need to know about “can a Discord server have no admin?” from this article.

Can A Discord Server Have No Admin?

Yes, a Discord server can have no Admin.

Being an “Admin” on a Discord server is just a role, usually, it comes after the server owner.

However, someone on the server has to have a higher authority than the other members to organize and keep the server safe; either a moderator or the server owner/creator.

So yes, a Discord user can create a server and decide not to award anyone the admin role, it is possible.

In the case where the server is missing both an Admin and an owner, that server then server is at great risk of being hacked as no one will have permission to protect the server.

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There are many roles that can be awarded on a Discord server: Admin, moderator, team, owner, and so on.

Only a server creator has the power to first give out roles to their members, after that any other member with that permission can do the same.

If a Discord server has no member with the Admin role which is considered the highest role after the server creator role, the Discord server will still function as normal.

The only thing that will happen is that all the server management will be shifted to the server owner and moderators.

And if a Discord server has no owner and Admin, or even moderators that server is at high risk of being hacked.

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