Can Discord Admins Kick Other Admins? Answer

Answer to "Can Discord Admins Kick Other Admins?"

Are you wondering if Discord server admins can kick other admins into that same server?

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In a Discord server, a lot of roles can be assigned including the “Admin” role.

The “Admin” role in a Discord server is higher than that of a moderator* and it doesn’t necessarily have to be assigned to the person that created the server.

The Admin role can be assigned to more than one person in a Discord server, and anyone with that role has the power to “kick” server members, sometimes moderators have this power.

Kick on the Discord server means removing a member from the server.

So if admins on a Discord server are allowed to ‘kick’ out server members, do they also have the power to ‘kick’ other admins?

In this guide, you will find out the answer to the question: “Can Discord server admins kick other admins into the same server?”

Can Discord Admins Kick Other Admins?

The short answer to this question is no, a user with an admin role cannot kick another admin from a Discord server.

The only people that an admin can kick out of a Discord server are the member role, moderator role, or any role that doesn’t have the same server permission as theirs.

However, the owner of the server can kick the admin, they are the only members in a Discord server that has all the permission by default.

Although Discord server admins have a range of permissions, they are still limited.


Discord servers offer their members lots of opportunities to exercise their management skills through certain roles.

Roles like admins and moderators are the most popular in any Discord server.

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However, how far do their permissions go?, and what can they do and cannot do on a server, find out in this guide.

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