Fix Notifications Received But Chats Not Updating On Telegram

Fix Notifications Received But Chats Not Updating On Telegram

Are you getting new chat notifications on Telegram but chats are not updating?

When this happens you see a notification from Telegram, and you click to open it, but the messages haven’t arrived.

This can be frustrating especially if you have been refreshing the app for hours.

The cause of this is a glitch and there are usually more than one ways to fix glitches on app like Telegram.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix not seeing chats on Telegram even though you can see notifications of new chats.

How To Fix Notifications Received But Chats Not Updating On Telegram

To fix no messages but you can see the notifications on Telegram, you need to update or downgrade the Telegram app.

After that, you should clear cache data on Telegram; that should fix this problem.

Here are the steps to fix no messages but you can see the notifications on Telegram:

1. Update your Telegram app

The first thing you need to do is to go to the App Store or Google Play Store and download the latest version of the Telegram app if you haven’t already.

Doing this will help fix some glitches in the Telegram app, and allow it to run smoothly.

2. Or downgrade your Telegram app

If you have already updated your Telegram app before you started experiencing this missing chats error on Telegram, then you may need to downgrade the app.

Downgrading the app is safe but you may have to let go of some new features that come with new versions of the app.

To downgrade the Telegram app, go to

Click on “Older versions”, select the most recent old version of the app, download it and then install it on your device.

3. Clear cache data on the app

After installing an update or downgrade of the Telegram app on your device, you will need to clear the cache data before using the app again.

To do this on Android devices, go to “Apps” in Settings, find the Telegram app, tap on “Storage” followed by “Clear cache” and you are done.

For iPhone, you can clear any app’s cache data by restarting your device; make sure that your iPhone is plugged into a power outlet before you do this.

4. Contact Telegram tech support

If all the steps failed to work for you, your last resort will be to contact Telegram tech support.

Their contact form can be found on their help website.

Once you have contacted them, you can expect a reply in 2-3 business days due to complaints traffic.


The Telegram app can be very convenient to use, and easy to navigate.

But things can go wrong at any time, glitches and bugs can appear out of nowhere and disrupt your use of the app.

Glitches like not seeing messages on the Telegram app even getting a notification about it on your phone can be quite annoying to an average user.

So that is why we have come to your rescue with this guide, we have explained all the steps to take to fix this yourself; hope there are helpful.

The good thing is that all the solutions we will offer you in this guide can 

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