Is It Possible To See Who Someone Is Friends With On Discord? Answered

Is It Possible To See Who Someone Is Friends With On Discord? Answered

Are you wondering if you can see who a user is friends with on Discord?

On social messaging platforms like Facebook and Instagram, there is an option to look at any user’s following or followers list as long as their profile is set to public.

This is not the same for some platforms, the following lists of a user are usually not shown to the public and in some cases, the owner of the social media account too.

However, our focus today is on Discord, we will be answering the question “Can others see who someone is friends with on Discord”.

Is It Possible To See Who Someone Is Friends With On Discord?

The answer is no; no one can see who you are friends with on Discord.

Unless of course, it’s a mutual friend, but this is rarely the case as your followers and following list on Discord is not visible to anyone who checks your profile.

However, there is a feature similar to a public following list on Discord, it is being able to see the server(s) someone is on but this is only possible if you are friends with the someone.

Can My Friends On Discord See What I’m Doing?

Well, this question is a bit tricky as it depends on what one means by “doing”.

If the “doing” in this case means your activities on a Discord server; then yes your friends would be able to see that as long they are on the same server as you.

In the case of your online status, they can see that as well.

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When you connect your Xbox or Spotify to your Discord account, then any song and games you are currently listening to or playing can be seen by your friends.

When it comes to Discord calls and DMs, those are private to your friends, they cannot read your DMs or know who are on a call with.


Hope all the information in this guide answered your questions about what your friends on Discord can and cannot see.

Your friends on Discord cannot see the list of people you are friends with, it is only visible to you.

They also cannot read your direct messages, or see who you are on a Discord call with.

However, they can see certain activities on a mutual Discord server and your connected apps (Spotify, Xbox, Playstation, etc.).

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