How To Fix Pins With Incorrect URL On Pinterest (Quick Fix!)

How To Fix Pins With Incorrect URL On Pinterest

Do you want to fix pins on Pinterest that have incorrect URLs or links?

If you have an account on Pinterest that you pin on frequently, your chances of encountering pins with incorrect addresses may be high.

If you don’t know what pins are, they are those images you see on Pinterest explore page, you can add a link from the website to give more details on the pin and also for traffic.

Webmasters use Pinterest for many things and getting traffic to their website is one of them, so they are mostly the owners of pins that when clicked on, lead you to a web page.

However, as a webmaster that uses Pinterest to gain traffic and engagement, an incorrect address can lead to traffic and engagement loss.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix pins on Pinterest with incorrect URL addresses, and why it happens.

Why Does My Pinterest Pin Have an Incorrect URL Address?

The reason why you have pins with incorrect URL addresses may be due to a couple of reasons:

  • You recently changed your domain name,
  • You had misplaced a character in the link address.

As you have seen, this wrong address on Pinterest pins issue is usually from your end as the pin owner and can be fixed easily.

How to Fix Pins with Incorrect URLs on Pinterest

To fix pins on Pinterest with incorrect URL address, you need to edit the pin, add a new address, and save it.

In the case where Pinterest is not letting you change the URL address of a pin, you can always do a bit of web tweaking, we will show you how, keep reading.

Here is how to fix pins with incorrect URLs on Pinterest:

1. Select the pin

First things first, log into your Pinterest account, head over to your dashboard and select the pin you want to fix its address.

You can only edit one pin at a time, so if you are looking to edit more than one pin, do it one after the other.

2. Edit and save the pin

How to edit pins on Pinterest

Once you have selected the pin, click on the 3 dots at the top right corner of your screen.

A list of options should appear including “Edit pin”, click on it and all the details of the pin should appear immediately.

You can now go ahead and add your new URL to the pin and save it.

However, if you run into the issue of Pinterest not letting you from adding a new URL to a pin, the solution to this is to 301 redirect that old link to the new one.


Pinterest is an image-focused search engine that allows you to get ideas from pins, and videos, and also interact with people around the world.

As a website owner who is looking to gain more traffic to your website, Pinterest is a great avenue for that; you can create pins and add your website URL to them.

However, if you added the wrong URL address to a pin, the steps in this guide will show you how to fix it.

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