How To Cancel An Order On Depop? Easy Guide

How To Cancel An Order On Depop

When you buy an item on Depop and later discover that you wouldn’t be needing it anymore, you are free to cancel it and get a refund.

If this is your first time using Depop, you may be confused about how you can cancel an order and also get a refund even before that item ships.

The truth about canceling orders on Depop is that you cannot force the seller to cancel it from their end if they are not willing to.

Also, a lot of sellers avoid refunds as it is a loss to them, and if the item has already been shipped any type of refund is out of their hands.

This means that it is up to you as the buyer to dispute a refund even if you have already received the item(s).

Yes, it is pretty easy to do, you just need to follow the steps in this guide properly.

In this guide, you will learn the two methods to cancel an order on Depop as a buyer and a seller, and other Depop resources. So, read on!

How To Cancel An Order On Depop As A Buyer

There are many reasons you may want to cancel an order that you have made on Depop as a buyer.

It is could be that the item doesn’t look durable in the images since most items on Depop are pre-loved (fairly used).

It could also be that you no longer think you would need the item or that purchasing the said item cut deep into your budget.

Canceling an order as a buyer is not that easy especially if the item has been shipped, but it is possible and we will walk you through the necessary steps to achieve this:

Solution #1: Contact the seller before the item ships

As we mentioned, if the order you have made on Depop has already been shipped it would be quite hard to get canceled and talk more of a refund.

This is because once an order has been shipped on Depop, the seller has no authority whatsoever to cancel an order from their end, it is completely out of their hands; it is even clearly stated on Depop’s official blog.

So what this solution entails is that you will need to decide fast if you still want an order before it ships, contact the seller as politely as possible asking for your order to be canceled from their end and also for a refund.

Solution #2: Fill a claim when the order arrives

On every online shopping website, there is usually an ‘item not as described’ feature that a customer can fill in for a refund or return and Depop has it too.

So if you fail to cancel your order on Depop before it ships, you can always wait for the item to arrive then you can dispute it by filling out the “item not as described” form and waiting for the next line of action from Depop support.

Additionally, if you checked out with PayPal, you can always contact them with a photograph of the item and other proof that the item is not what you had expected PayPal is usually customer-friendly, and you may get a faster response from them than Depop support.

How To Cancel An Order On Depop As A Seller

As a Depop seller, you only have one chance to cancel an order and that is before it ships.

After shipment, anything involving order cancellation or refunds will be out of your hands unless the buyer opens a ‘not as described’ dispute when they receive the order.

Before any shipment, if a buyer contacts you for a refund on any of your items you can always follow the steps before to cancel it:

Firstly, confirm that you have fully funded credit or debit card payment details added to your Depop seller account.

Then go to your Depop seller dashboard, tap on the “House icon” and navigate to “All sold items”.

Next, find the transaction you want to refund, tap on “Refund” and select the type of refund you want to perform: full or partial refund.

After selecting the type of refund you want to perform follow the on-screen instructions, tap on “Continue” and then “Confirm refund”.

In the case where the buyer purchased your item using PayPal, you can the refund directly through there but you must have a PayPal account; here is how to do this:

On your PayPal account, go to “Summary” and select the transaction you want to refund.

On the transaction page, tap on “Issue a refund”, follow the next on-screen instructions, confirm the refund and that’s it.


Just like every other e-commerce website, it is very easy to cancel an order and issue a refund on Depop as long as you have met a few conditions (read them in this guide).

An order on Depop can be canceled in more than two ways by either the buyer or the seller and, it can also be canceled through the payment provider, Ex. PayPal.

If you experience more difficulty canceling your order or getting a refund on Depop after referring to the methods in this guide, you can always contact Depop support here.

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