How To Stop Snaps From Saving To Camera Roll

stop snap from saving to camera roll

Have you ever wondered why your snaps that are the pictures or videos you take within the Snapchat app always save to your camera roll?

Do you want pictures or snaps you take within the Snapchat app to be saved to your memories?

If that is the case, you will need to keep reading to figure out the simple steps to change this setting on your Snapchat.

If you have been using Snapchat for a while now, you will know how important it is for your snaps to be saved within the Snapchat app on your smartphone.

Not only will it save you phone storage, but it will also keep snaps from overtaking your phone gallery.

Why keep snaps in memories? Snapchat has a highly encrypted interface that provides adequate privacy and protection to its users.

So in the case where you want to keep a snap from prying eyes and at the same time, you don’t want to delete it.

So, the best way to fix this problem is to change your account settings to save only to memories or move the snaps to the password-protected my eyes only.

In this guide, you will learn exactly how to stop your snaps from saving to camera roll and more.

How To Stop Snaps From Saving To Camera Roll

To stop snaps from saving to camera roll, you need to navigate to your profile first.

Then tap on the Settings icon followed by “Memories” which is under the heading “who can…”

After you have tapped on “Memories”, you need to tap on the “Save button”

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After that, you can now pick where you want your snaps to be saved whenever you tap on the save button after taking a snap.

If you picked “Camera roll and Memories”, it will mean that new snaps will be saved to your camera roll and memories.

Snapchat memories can be found by swiping up while on the camera page on your Snapchat, navigating to “Snaps” and that is where your memories are located on Snapchat.

After following all the aforementioned guide, all your newly saved snaps will now be automatically saved under “Snaps”

1. Go to your profile page

The first step to navigate to your profile page.

First, you will need to login into your Snap account if you have not already.

Once you have logged in, tap on the profile icon or bitmoji on the top left corner of your screen to open your complete profile.

Then tap on the “Settings” and scroll down to the “Who can…” heading and you will see “Memories”

2. Tap on “memories”

Once you have tapped on “Memories” you will then need to choose where you will want your snaps to be saved to once you tap on “Save”

To do this tap on the “Save” while still on the memories page and pick the option you would like.

In this case, you will need to choose “Memories” because you don’t want your snaps to be saved on your camera roll.

Now you have successfully changed where your future or new snaps will be saved to.

What is “Memories” on Snapchat?

Memories on Snapchat allow you to save your snaps which can be in form of pictures or videos within your Snapchat app without it appearing on your phone gallery.

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Although, people who have access to your Snapchat account may still be able to view the media on your memories unless it is secured in my eyes only which is password protected.

So, it is fairly private way to store your snaps and save a bit of space on your phone.

How to export all Snapchat memories to your camera roll?

To export all of your Snapchat’s memories to your camera roll, you will need to navigate to it first.

Then select all the snaps you want to export and tap on the share icon.

After you have tapped on the share icon you will see a big list of social media icons, swipe right to the “download” button.

Tap on the “Download” and your snaps will start exporting.

Though you will need to wait a few seconds to minutes depending on the number of media you are exporting.

Once your snaps are done exporting to your camera roll. Snapchat is going to notify you that it is done.

And that is how to export Snapchat memories to your camera roll!

How to turn off snapchat memories?

To turn off your Snapchat memories, you will need to stop saving any snaps to your memories.

Simply navigate to Settings and scroll up to “Memories”, tap on that and then “Save”

Select to save snaps to camera roll only and that is how you can stop saving snaps to your memories.

Hereafter, all your snaps will be automatically saved to your camera roll once you tap on the save icon.

How to delete memories on Snapchat?

To delete memories on Snapchat, you will need to navigate to your memories page by swiping up whole on the camera part of Snapchat.

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Left swipe to “Snaps”, tap and hold to select all the memories you want to delete. You can choose more than 10 media to delete at once.

Once you have selected the snaps also known as “Memories” you want to delete, tap on the “Delete” option that is indicated by a Trash can icon and your selected Snapchat memories will be deleted in a few seconds.


Saving snaps to your memories is a great way to save storage space on your phone.

It is also a great way to create a little privacy around the pictures you take with your Snapchat camera.

Although saving your private snaps to my eyes only is a much better way to ensure that your snaps are highly protected from prying eyes.

Memories is also a good non password protected option than saving your snaps to your Snapchat’s memories, though it still works alright as long as no one has access to your Snapchat account.

So, if you want to save plenty of storage space and stop Snapchat pictures from appearing on your phone gallery, this guide is for you.

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