Can Friends See That I’m On a Call on Discord? Answer

How To Prevent Friends from Seeing If I’m On a Call on Discord?

Discord as a messaging app comes with a lot of perks and promises of privacy.

These include being able to keep everything you do within the app, no leaks no third parties.

However, one cannot be too careful as a lot of things can go wrong in a matter of seconds, like friends listening in on your conversations or reading your chats with others without your knowledge.

But to an extent, no one knows if the above happens for sure or what triggers such to even happen on an app like Discord.

Since its existence in May 2015, the app has become the most used app after Twitter and although it has a few faults, it seems to have agreed with a lot of the Gen Zs’ of our time, they say it matches their vibe.

During a call on Discord with a friend, it is expected that no one else knows that you are on one, not even the people on the servers you are on that your friend is not part of.

Can Friends See That I’m On a Call on Discord?

The short answer is no, and you do not have to do anything as they cannot see anything not even on your profile.

However, just like WhatsApp, they may be notified that you are not available to take a call assuming they try to call you too; that is the only scenario where that can happen.

Additionally, those “friends” that would want to call you while you are on a call have to be friends that you have added on Discord and they have equally added you back.

Can Discord Server Members See That I’m On a Call with a Friend?

The answer is no, as you cannot prevent mutual server members on Discord from seeing that you are on a call with a friend because it cannot happen.

A mutual server member on Discord cannot and would not be able to see or know if you are on a call as long as they are not trying to call you and the only way that can happen is if you are mutual friends already.


Even with the way Discord allows users to show others what music or game they are currently listening to, that doesn’t mean that your current calls are displayed for everyone who cares to see.

So if you are wondering if your mutual friends on Discord can know if you are on a call with someone on the app, the answer is no.

Nevertheless, they may be able to assume you are on a call if they try to call you while you are still on the call as their call not be able to go through but then again it could be that you are offline.

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