How To Remove Twitter Stickers From A Twitter Photo Post

Did you recently use a sticker on a Twitter photo post?

If yes you might be looking for a way to remove or erase it.

Twitter stickers have been around for a while now, became popular around the time Twitter unveiled Fleets.

These fleets are just like stories on Instagram, Snapchat, and just recently, Pinterest introduced something similar to that.

Twitter allows you to use stickers not just on fleets but on picture posts too, these stickers are fun and exciting to use on posts.

Note that these stickers are only available to Twitter pictures or photo tweets, you will not be able to use them on a text-only Twitter tweet.

However, not everyone wants stickers on their posts, or maybe you have an already uploaded post that has the Twitter sticker(s) on it and you want to erase them.

If so, then they are a couple of apps and software like Adobe Photoshop, that may be able to assist you in removing the stickers from your Tweets.

In this guide, you will learn how to remove Twitter stickers from Twitter photo posts using a smartphone or PC.

You can use an iPhone, PC, or an Android device for this tutorial

How you can remove stickers from a photo using your phone

To remove stickers from a Twitter photo or any photo, the process is a bit easy as what you need to do is to download an app from your App Store or Google Play Store.

This app is less than 50MB, it won’t take up a lot of space on your mobile, even if it does. You can uninstall it after you are done using it.

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Here’s how to remove a Twitter sticker from a photo post:

  1. Install “PicsArt” on your mobile device.
  2. Upload the desired photo to the app
  3. Tap on “Tools” and select “Remove”
  4. Gently paint over the sticker you want to remove to clear it.

1. Install PicsArt on your mobile device.


Go to your App Store or Google Play Store depending on the device you are using.

Next, type in “PicsArt” on the search box, the app has a purple background with a white “P” logo.

Tap on “install” or “+” to download the app to your device.

Once you are done installing the app on your device, launch the app.

2. Upload the desired photo to the app

Next, upload your desired photo to the installed PicsArt app.

If you don’t have the photo on your phone, you can go to Twitter and take a screenshot of it.

Disclaimer: only already uploaded photos can be used for this tutorial, and make sure the photos are yours as it is not a great idea to invade anyone’s photo.

To upload the photo, click on the purple “+” just below your screen, above your home and back buttons.

Now, tap on “All Photos” on the top right corner of your screen, and all the photos on your device will appear.

Tap on your desired photo to upload, one photo at a time.

Once you are done uploading the photo to PicsArt, move on to the next step.

3. Tap on “Tools” and select “Remove”


After you are done uploading the photo, tap on “Tools” just at the bottom left of your screen.

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A couple of options will appear, just tap on “Remove” and then gently paint over the Twitter sticker you want to remove from your photo.

You can only remove one sticker at a time.

Once you are done removing the stickers you can save your photo to your device.

And you have successfully removed stickers from your photo.

Although the option to remove stickers on PicsArt is a paid feature, you will still be able to use it for free but PicsArt will have to place a watermark on it.

However, they are other apps you can use to do the same thing, apps like Snapseed can equally do a great job too.

Remove Twitter Stickers from Pictures on PC

To do this you are going to visit this site and download this software on your PC.

This software can work on mobile devices too but only online, to use on PC you may need to download it on your computer or you can try it online

Here is how you can remove stickers from photos using a computer or PC:

  1. Visit the official website of
  2. Tap on ” Upload” to load your desired photo to their site.
  3. Select the sticker you want to remove.
  4. While at it, click on “Erase” and you are done.
  5. Once you are done, download the photo to your device.

The InPaint software is similar to Adobe Photoshop and Unscreen.

So, if you are not comfortable with working on your photo online you can just download the software to your PC, there is an option to do so on their website.

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Alternatively, you can just use Adobe Photoshop, Unscreen, or use your mobile device.


Having a sticker on your Twitter photo is bad because of a couple of reasons.

The first reason on the top of my head is that it makes the photo look confusing and sometimes childish.

Another reason can be that you added too many stickers and mistakenly saved the photo to your device.

However, they are plenty of app that can help remove these stickers from your photos, most are paid apps, a few are free to use.

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