How To Speed Up YouTube HD Processing

How To Speed Up YouTube HD Processing

Is your video stuck on HD processing on YouTube?

Or your YouTube video processing is stuck at 99, 0, or even 95?

Are you wondering how to speed up the HD processing stage on YouTube?

Well, you and a billion YouTube are on the same boat.

If you upload videos to YouTube from time to time, you would know that the most stressful part besides shooting and editing is the amount of time it takes for a video to successfully go live on your channel.

You should know that the amount of time it takes for a video to fully go live on YouTube depends mainly on three things: a fast internet connection, the quality, and the size of the video.

So this means that for you to be able to speed up HD processing on YouTube, all three things must be checked in your box.

In this guide, you will learn how to speed up HD processing on YouTube, if it is okay to exit YouTube when your video is processing and more.

How to Speed Up HD Processing On YouTube

To speed up HD processing on YouTube, you will need to have a fast and stable internet connection, and if your video size is higher than 700MB or in HD quality; you will also be needing patience.

Yes, it is as simple as that because all things online require a fast and stable internet connection, just like a car requires gas to run.

A stable and fast internet connection will increase the YouTube processing speed three times faster.

A slow but stable internet connection will leave you spending hours trying to upload one high-quality video.

However, if you live in a location that does not have fast internet, you can opt to reduce the quality and size (>300MB), I do not recommend this because nobody enjoys watching low-quality videos on YouTube.

Another option would be to wait till nighttime when internet traffic is usually considered to be slow to upload your video.

This is recommended as it has been proven that the internet is usually faster after midnight.

Even if you are targeting a specific time zone, you can always schedule the video, so that it will be automatically uploaded at your time of choice.

How Long Does 4K Processing Take On YouTube?

A 4K video is the type of video that has a high-definition (HD) resolution that is four times the resolution of a 1080p HD video.

It takes between 2-4 hours for YouTube to completely process a 4K video.

However, all these depend on your internet connection, the frame rate of the video, and the length of the video.

So, the faster your internet connection is and the shorter the length of the video and frame rate, the faster your 4K video processes.

How Long Does Standard Definition (SD) Processing Take On YouTube?

A standard definition processing on YouTube comes before HD (high definition) processing on YouTube.

It usually takes a few minutes to process the standard definition (SD) of a video being uploaded to YouTube.

Can I Exit YouTube While A Video Is Processing?

No, you should not exit YouTube while your video is still processing.

Unless you have background data turned on your device, then you can exit without closing your browser or YouTube app and continue doing other things in the background.


One of the most complained issues from YouTube users is how slow the HD processing stage is.

It becomes more frustrating when your YouTube video processing is stuck at 99, 0, or even 95 for a really long time.

If you have a fast internet connection, your video upload is usually three times faster than normal.

Also, the size of the video you are uploading to YouTube affects the processing speed, the smaller the better.

But reducing your already well-edited is usually not the best way as reducing the video size to a smaller size can make the quality of the video horrible once it’s live on your channel.

So it is best to either get a better and faster internet connection or wait till the time that internet traffic is low in your location, statistically after midnight.

And while you are uploading it is best not to exit YouTube unless you have background data turned on.