How To Fix Pinterest Account Or Pins Not Showing Up In Search

How To Fix Pinterest Account Or Pins Not Showing Up In Search

Did you recently notice that your Pinterest account or pins are not showing up in search results?

Search results in this context may be Google’s or Pinterest’s, it doesn’t matter.

If your Pinterest pins or account is not showing up when searching for them, there may a lot of reasons for it.

For most users, the purpose of creating a Pinterest account and uploading pins on it is to gain relevancy, advertise, or drive traffic to their website.

So if you don’t see your account or queries related to your pins whenever your search for them on Google or within the Pinterest website, it kind of beats that purpose and you may need to fix it as soon as possible.

In this guide, you will learn how to fix Pinterest accounts or pins not showing up in searches, and why it happens.

Why Is My Pinterest Account Or Pin Not Showing Up In Search Results?

Issues like this can come up on Pinterest a lot especially if your account is less than 2 weeks old.

If you recently just created your Pinterest account or just uploaded the pin(s) you are looking for in search, it may take a while to be seen as search engines need time to understand your content.

If your content isn’t new on Pinterest and you still can’t find them in search; it may be that you somehow enabled the “Search privacy” feature on Pinterest, you will have to disable it.

How to Fix Pinterest Accounts or Pins Not Showing Up In Search

The first step is to go to your Pinterest account settings and disable the “Search privacy” feature if you haven’t already.

The second step to fixing not being able to see your Pinterest account and pins in search, be it Pinterest search results or Google’s is to make sure that your account is more than two weeks on the platform.

The final step is to wait it out, giving your new Pinterest account or pins time to be fully understood by search engines may reap good results for you especially if you are using Pinterest to drive engagement to your brand.

Here’s the solution to not seeing your Pinterest profile and pins in search results:

1. Disable the “Search privacy” feature

How to Disable the “Search privacy” feature on Pinterest

This feature is often overlooked when users are trying to create an account on Pinterest.

We think this is because of the location of the feature but, it is best to disable it before you start uploading pins on your Pinterest account.

Not disabling the “Search privacy” feature on Pinterest will hide your account and pins from any search engine indexation and you will be exempted from any search results.

To turn this feature off, go to your Pinterest account settings, click on “Privacy and data” and toggle off “Search privacy”.

2. Consider the age of your Pinterest account and pins

There is usually a general confusion on how long one should allow their Pinterest pins to age before they start showing up in search, and we would say 2 weeks.

This is because we have tested this with our website’s Pinterest account and we started seeing some of our pins in Google and Pinterest search results in the same duration.

Furthermore, it usually takes search engines a few days to weeks to completely understand your online content and index it.

3. Wait it out

This solution is mainly for people who just created their Pinterest account or just uploaded new pins on their account and can’t wait for them to start ranking in search engines.

The trick is that you have to wait it out, at least to give Google and Pinterest time to understand the content of your Pinterest profile and pins.

As we mentioned in solution #2 the waiting time is usually two weeks.


Allowing Google and Pinterest search engines to access your Pinterest profile and pins is the first step to fixing this issue.

Another overlooked cause of not being able to see your Pinterest profile or pins in search results is the age of the Pinterest account and pins, a fresh account on Pinterest cannot rank immediately without going through a few processes.

These processes have been comprehensively explained in this guide, we do hope there will be helpful ☺

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