Can Other Discord Users See Notes? Answer

Answer to Can Other Discord Users See Notes?

Are you wondering if other Discord users can see the notes on your profile?

Discord notes are like notepads that allow you to write down anything you would like to look at later.

You can also use the feature to leave personal notes for your friends on Discord.

It works exactly like the Notes app on your smartphone.

This notes feature is free to use and is available to all users on Discord.

With all the uses of notes on Discord that we have mentioned, and also given that the notes can be found on your Discord profile; you may be wondering if other users on Discord can see them or read them.

Well, keep reading to find out if other Discord users can see your notes on your profile.

Can Other Discord Users See Notes?

If you are curious to know if Discord is public; the short answer is no, Discord notes are private, only you can see them.

Even if you decide to leave a note for a user on Discord, you and the user will be only seeing them.

This is because Discord notes are like personal tags, and we did mention that they have similar functions to the Notes app on your phone.

Everything you have written there can only be seen and read by you.

When other Discord users look at your profile, they will only be able to see your online visibility status, username, profile banner, pfp, and connections.

How to Write Notes on Discord

Using the notes feature on Discord can be fun, especially if you want to use it as a reminder to do something later.

The feature is free to use, no need to subscribe to Nitro or any of the premium services on Discord.

You can use Discord notes to keep track of different kinds of information, and the good thing is that they will only be visible to you and the friend you left one for.

Note: The maximum number of notes you can write on Discord is 500.

Here is how to write notes on Discord:

1. Select the profile from “Friends”

Now, you can only leave notes for users you are friends with on Discord, keep that in mind.

To get started, go to “Friends” to view your friends’ list.

From there you will select the user you want to leave a note for.

2. Go to their profile

To leave a note for a friend on Discord, you have to go to their profile.

To do this, right-click or tap on their name depending on your device and their profile will come into view.

3. Add a note

After that, tap the box under “Note” and type in anything you want to leave them.

You don’t need to save it, just type all you want and close their profile and the note will be auto-saved by Discord.

Additionally, if you want to delete a note that you have left on a user’s profile on Discord, you can follow the same steps above but you will need to edit and clear the notes when you get to step 3.


And that is all there is to know about who sees Discord notes, how to use them, and more.

With these notes, you can make your experience on Discord more fun with your friends.

And the best thing is that any note you leave on a user’s profile can only be seen by you and them.

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