Here Is Why Discord Now Displays A Banana For Images That Couldn’t Be Loaded

Here Is Why Discord Now Displays A Banana For Images That Couldn't Be Loaded

Discord has undoubtedly led the way instant messaging industry globally and is still dominating to date.

Recently Discord rolled out a feature that automatically displays a picture of a banana in place of an image that fails to load.

Even though it feels off and out of place that a banana would load before your actual picture, this feature seems to still be in its testing phase.

This “banana” feature on Discord has been suspected to have been released with the latest update roll of the app, the update before the 1st of March, 2023.

One would think that this feature would brighten up anyone’s day but, its release has been met with a lot of thumbs down by avid Discord users.

Here are all our conspiracy theories about the banana pictures all over Discord at the time of writing this article.

Discord Now Displays A Banana For Images That Couldn’t Be Loaded?

The reason for this new feature on Discord has not been communicated to the users by the app developers.

However, we have compiled a few theories that be behind the release of this new feature.

The first theory is to give you something to look at while you fix your internet and try loading the picture again.

The second theory may be to reduce the number or improve the look of broken images within the Discord platform.

Thirdly, we think these banana pictures replacing images that refused to load on the Discord feature may have been released to get reactions from its users, you know like a poll.

What Do Discord Users Think Of This New “Banana” Feature?

A lot of avid Discord users did not welcome this feature with open arms since its rollout.

They expressed their criticisms in many terms, some of their reactions to the feature on social media include:

“So you telling me the banana would load before my sh**ty quality Twitter screenshot” – Moham4d

“Ewww it feels off and out of place” – CreativeGamer03

“I swear in the last few months Discord must have tossed the development teams management and said; out this 16-year-old, and the sales team in charge” – TheOnlyKirb

There are a lot more of these reactions and this is why we confidently concluded that this feature may be scraped with future Discord updates.


As we mentioned, this feature is fairly new and with the blast, it has been getting so far from avid Discord users, we do not think its reign will be long.

However, anything is possible with Discord developers, last year they even released a press memo saying that they were scraping off animated avatars for Nitro basic subscribers.

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