How To Create The Perfect Aesthetic Instagram Bio

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Do you want to learn how to create the perfect aesthetic Instagram bio?

A bio (short for Biography) that would speak volumes and are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of anyone that clicks to view your Instagram profile?

Instagram bios are the most important part of an Instagram profile apart from your username.

So we must do well to make it stand out and make it as special as possible.

They are several kinds of Instagram bios including: simple ones, good, biblical bios and aesthetic bios.

In this post, I  will be talking about the aesthetic kind of bios and also guiding you on how to create the perfect aesthetic Instagram bio and also give you ideas on what aesthetic bios look like.

Here are the basic ways to make an Instagram bio aesthetic:

How To Make An Aesthetic Instagram Bio

To create an aesthetic Instagram bio, there are a lot of factors to consider, what makes a bio aesthetic, and more.

I have listed them below:

1. Think stars and planets

When people think “aesthetic ” their brain usually comes up with celestial bodies like the moon, stars, planets and everything up above.

When creating aesthetic bios, consider writing things related to celestial bodies.

For example, writing something like: “like stars on a cloudy night 🌥” is an example of a good aesthetic bio.

2. Use emojis and emoticons

Be generous with your use of emojis especially ones related to celestial bodies like cloud, sun, moon, stars and rain emojis.

This will spruce up your bio and make it look cool.

3. Use aesthetic fonts

Aesthetic fonts can make your Instagram bio appear aesthetic.

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Adding a few words with an aesthetic is the coolest thing you can do to your Instagram page.

They are plenty third party sites that can turn any text into aesthetics.

Sites like can turn any text into an aesthetic font.

Simply, paste your desired text into their website like this:

📍Note: I’m using an example text for this illustration. You’re free to use any text of your choice.

Then copy any font you love from the results (as shown in the image above) and paste on your Instagram, just on the space made for your bio when you tap on “edit profile”.

The result should look like this:

4. Avoid capitalizing your phrases

Want any text yo appear aesthetic, don’t write in capital letters or even start the sentence with a capital letter.

Check out these three texts that are the same:

  • “Feeling good🌝”
  • “feeling good 🌝”

Which of them would you put on your bio?

The third text right? Now you get my point!

Even though it is grammatically wrong to start a sentence without a capital letter, it’s still a fair price to pay for an aesthetically pleasing Instagram bio.

5. Write in phrases and clauses

One of the things that I have noticed makes an Instagram bio appear aesthetic is the ways most bios appear mysterious and enigmatic.

This is because the sentences always used are sometimes incomplete and makes you wonder who the user is and thereby making the bio attractive.

As you read on you will what I mean…

22+”Aesthetic Instagram Bio Ideas

Here are aesthetic Instagram bio ideas you can copy and use on your own bio:

  1. ☁️🌊𝓼𝓮𝓻𝔁𝓷𝓭𝓲𝓹𝓲𝓽𝔂🌊☁️
  2. pretty luh thing 💛’
  3. pick your poison 🧪
  4. ✨ imperfecti🦋n ✨
  5. ⭐celestial boy⭐
  6. learn to shine ⌨🌠
  7. .::.⁘…the celestial body in human form…⁘.::.
  8. life is good <3
  9. I make things pretty 🦋
  10. 🅻🅾️🆅🅴
  11. internet diary ෆ
  12. 🌥strange ♡♡
  13. ✨ glitch vibes*
  14. i believe in making the impossible possible ⭐
  15. 🦋perfect with a touch of imperfection🦋
  16. 🦄 ethereal vibes▪︎
  17. ✨ there’s no point in giving up ✊🏽
  18. 🌈 protect your energy 🌈
  19. wild wurld🌎🌋
  20. sweet like 🍭
  21. summer vibes🌥
  22. all blues🦋🦋
  23. angel face, devil thoughts😈👅

Aesthetic instagram bio template

They are aesthetic Instagram bio templates you can download, customize and use to your taste.

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You can download them from here.

They are always in PSD format, so you’ll need to download an app called “Photoshop express photo editor” to be able to view the Instagram templates and edit them to your taste.

How to space out Instagram bio?

You can space out your Instagram bio by tapping the “enter” button on your device keyboard after you are done with the first line.

The “enter” button looks like an inverted left arrow on mobile devices and desktops, it can be seen written on the button near the big “space” button.

Spacing out your Instagram bio is important because you can avoid clusters and keep your bio neat and readable.

Can you put a link on instagram bio?

Yes and No.

Yes, you can but it won’t be clickable.

No, because Instagram has a fill-in box named “Website” where you can paste your link and it will be clickable so no need to put it on the space meant for your bio.

Remember you can only put one link at a time because multiple links cannot work on an Instagram profile.


Creating the perfect aesthetic Instagram bio can be tough due to our bid to make our bio uniquely different.

This post I’m sure I have guided you on how to create a good aesthetic bio using your imagination.

Follow the steps above and you will surprised on the huge list of bio ideas you can come up with on your own.

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