Can TextNow Be Traced Back To Your Phone? – Answered

Can TextNow Be Traced Back To Your Phone? – Answered

Are you wondering if TextNow can be tracked back to your phone? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this question.

TextNow lets you get connected to friends and family anywhere at all times through calls and text messages; it is a SIM card service provider that you can use on iPhone or even Android.

With all the free will that one can get while using the TextNow software, it would only be normal to wonder what its disadvantages are.

One of the most asked questions by TextNow subscribers is if using the software can be traced back to their phones.

The answer to this question and more will be discussed in the next heading of this article, we hope to satisfy your curiosity.

Can TextNow Be Traced Back To Your Phone?

The short answer is that yes, TextNow can be traced back to your phone.

Also, any other personal information that you may have to register for the service can be tracked to your phone.

This is made possible with the use of a method called “Reverse Lookup”, anyone can use it to find out almost every detail they will need to trace you.

Although, according to TextNow Privacy Policy not everyone can access your info and track them to your phone, only law enforcement like the police can do this.

However, if you expose your TextNow number to unsafe websites that leave a trail, you may be making it easy for anyone to trace it back to you.

Can A Police Track A TextNow Number?

As we mentioned, TextNow numbers and other information can be tracked by law enforcement.

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So the police can track your TextNow number using special software, your email, IP addresses, and more if there’s need to.

If Someone Can Track Your TextNow Number, How Would They Do It?

Since law enforcementisislowed to track your TextNow number and everything related to it.

And we did mention that carelessly leaving trails of your TextNow number and other information on unsafe websites can make it easy for any random person with tech skills to track you.

Let’s discuss how a random person would track your TextNow number if they wanted to:

  1. Once they have access to your TextNow phone number, they will look it up in the TextNow app.
  2. From the app, they may be able to find out the registered name belonging to your number.
  3. From the information gathered, they may look your name up on social media or Google search and in minutes they may have all the information they need about you.


Even though TextNow collects personal data, it is still anonymous, it does not show your name to the person you are calling or messaging.

TextNow also does not keep calls or messages logs, they store everything in their servers, this is to tell you how safe the software is, but there is an exception.

The exception as written in their Privacy Policy is that if law enforcement has the warrant to look up your information, they may find out everything they need through the TextNow Company.

Also, we advise that you do not use your real name to register a number on TextNow especially if you plan to use the number actively online.

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